Design Resolutions for 2013

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Happy New Year everyone! 2013 is finally here, and with each new year begins the tradition for most of us known as resolution-making. I don’t usually make a serious list, but I thought I’d take the time this year to think about a few things I want to accomplish in my design life.

Read More Books

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Books gave me my first subconscious experience of design, in the form of illustrations and book cover designs. I still have a great affinity for traditional paper books, even as e-books have gained popularity in the last few years. The physical book to me is a sensory, intimate experience, and reading more of them can be enriching mentally and visually as well.

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Read more about the best book covers of 2012 as compiled by the New York Times here.

Enter a Design Competition

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Graduating from graduate school and moving into the workforce was a smooth transition for me, but I sometimes miss the flexibility and ability to conceptualize design ideas with an “unlimited” budget. Entering a competition will give me this opportunity, as well as allow me to be exposed to other designers’ ideas.

Work on a personal design project

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I’ve always admired designers who have clever personal logos and interesting portfolios. Most of the time I’ve designed my personal materials such as my portfolio, resume, and logo on the fly, and never really took the time to sit down and conceptualize a solid visual identity for myself.

Attend more design events

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As is typical with most professions today, developing a good professional network is important for any designer to keep up with contemporary culture in design today. Although I don’t really fear talking to total strangers, I still get a little intimidated when I attend networking events. While I don’t plan on attending a design conference every month, I think aiming to attend one design-related event every other month might be good for professional development.

I suppose I could make an infinite number of plans I can attempt to accomplish this year, but I think for now this seems like an achievable list. Have you all thought about creative resolutions for the new year?

Whatever your plans are for the next twelve months, here’s hoping your new year is filled with lots of creative energy!

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