DIY Lamps and Lights Round-Up

DIY Pendant Light via Made by Girl

Flipping on a light switch only to illuminate a boring light fixture will deaden even the most beautifully styled room, whereas an eye catching light can bring a room to life. Finding inspiring and beautiful lights for every room in your house can not only be time consuming, it is also often wallet draining as well. That’s why today’s how-to post is dedicated to lamps and lights that you can make yourself, many using surprising materials.

clothespin light via Young House Love

We’ve featured a few lighting fixtures before here on the blog, and there are numerous creative and doable projects out there, like this clothespin light from Young House Love.  This lampshade is made out of 320 clothespins and brings a soft warm glow to a space-efficient laundry room. I really enjoy the tutorials that Sherry and John put together because they document all aspects of the process, including their mistakes and missteps. If you want to create a clothespin light of your own head over here.

letter light via design sponge

This amazing wall lamp is reminiscent of marquee lights. Compared to some of the other projects we’ll be looking at, this one might take a bit more effort and time to complete (there are power tools involved), but the end result is totally worth it.

Stacked Books Lamp via HGTV

I have a conflicted response when I see projects made out of old books. On one hand, I love the quirky library look,  but on the other hand the idea of destroying books breaks my heart. Nonetheless, I see plenty of potential in this stacked book lamp. I keep seeing these cage lampshades everywhere and I really like how well this type of shade suits this particular lamp.

music stand tripod lamp via the painted hive

I adore tripod lamps but I‘ve yet to find one in my budget, so imagine my excitement when I found this tutorial for a tripod lamp made out of an old music stand. What a fabulous idea, and now I have yet another reason to head to the flea market.

beaded chandelier  via dollar store crafts

You’ll never guess what this chandelier is made of (or maybe you will). One hanging planter and some strands of spray painted mardi-gras beads is all it takes to make this stylish chandelier. If you want a light that packs more of a punch, just change up the colour of spray paint, or try a multi-coloured approach. A couple of these chandeliers would make outstanding party decor, don’t you think?

That’s all for today’s roundup, but I’ve only scratched the surface of lighting ideas. There are countless handmade options out there to help you banish boring lights forever.

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  1. All fabulous ideas!
    I know now what my next projects will be! Would love to try making the ball of yarn and the beaded chandelier.

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