Everything Looks Better with a Frame

Frames by 2 Dogs Woodworking on etsy.com

A college roommate gave me this tip on how I could make my drawings look better: Frame them! I’m not sure if it’s psychological, but I’ve always found it to be true. The right frame really does give the budding artist’s work a finished, polished look. It can also magnify a photograph’s oomph and can make almost anything look like art–scarves, baby hand prints, autographed table napkins…

A frame not only enhances the aesthetic value of whatever is held in them, but it also helps it look right in the space that it is in. It even has the power to pull together a room’s look. So go ahead and build that relationship with your neighborhood framer! You betcha it’ll pay off.

Frame Some Art

Show off your work; don’t be shy. Display your child’s finger painting masterpieces. It’ll make your home even more your own with these little extensions of your psychological landscape.

This one here is a relief sculpture project which I took to the framer’s some years ago.

This one I framed a little bit (or a lot) off center. Just thought it might be interesting.

Frame Photos

A framed photograph looks tons better than one that isn’t. I love this one of my parents on their wedding day. The wooden frame with a matte chrome detail works well with the sepia tones and looks great with the furniture around it.

Frame Memories
A friend of mine found this hundred-year-old print during her stay in London. She gave it a home in this distressed, copper-toned frame.

Frame Empty Space

Sometimes frames need not even contain anything, they can be stand-alone design elements in themselves, without any other purpose than to look cool and fabulous.

Image from stylehandler.blogspot.com

Love this wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson.

Frame Digital Images

Most of our photos now are not displayed on the mantel but online. These can also be framed, digitally, through image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Here are some frame-making tutorials. But for those who haven’t the patience, and who happen to want a vintage feel for their digital photos, try this freeware called Poladroid, which can make your images look like Polaroids, complete with specks and smudges.

Images by Nathalie Mariano, unless otherwise indicated.

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