Excellent Reasons to Sleep-in this Weekend

blue bedroomPhotograph by Kim Jeffery via House and Home

Sleeping-in is one of life’s little pleasures that can make your whole day better, unless of course it’s a work day and you’ve missed your alarm. As life gets busier late mornings spent in bed get harder to come by but this weekend I am giving you full license to get a little extra rest, and if you need some good excuses to do so here are some that will make you happy to spend the morning under the covers.

wool blanketWool Dot Throw from Lief

Reason #1 A Beautiful Throw for Your Bed

Help winterize your bedroom with this pretty wool throw from lief. The modern dot design is just right for throwing on the bed or over a chair. The pattern is reversible too, and this throw is made from one hundred percent soft merino wool.

PJs by J Crewpajamas from J.Crew

Reason #2 Cozy Pajamas

A new pair of cozy pajamas is reason enough to catch a few extra z’s. I may be alone here, but I think there is still a lot of sex appeal in flannel when the temperature dips below zero (though that may just be wishful thinking.) I’m also a believer in flannel for both men and women; everyone should be allowed to cozy up at this time of the year.

kiss goodnight pillow caseKiss Goodnight Pillowcase by ColetteBream

Reason #3 Extra Pillows

It’s my opinion that a bed can never have too many pillows. Heaping a bed with cushions and pillows in different prints and shapes is a designer trick that always makes a bed look more inviting. How do you like this sweet pillowcase that comes with a kiss goodnight?

wafflesWeekend Waffles from Herriott & Grace

Reason #4 Someone Else is Making Breakfast

One of the absolute best feelings is waking up well rested to the smell of a delicious breakfast. If I could put in a request it would be for these scrumptious looking waffles cooked up by Harriet and Grace. I just discovered their site and am now in love with their handmade wooden goods, like hand turned spoons and artisanal cutting boards.

Greentea Design Bedroom SuiteSummer Bedroom Suite from Greentea Design

Reason #5 New Bedroom Furniture

An absolutely excellent reason to take a little more time waking up in the morning is that you took advantage of Greentea Designs bedroom sale and you now have a newly decorated bedroom, perfect for sleeping and relaxing in.

cat bedReason # 6 You’re a Pampered Pet

Housecats know all about sleeping in, and they have no problem sleeping just about anywhere. For the very fortunate feline this lux cat bed will be the new favourite place for catnaps, and it’s a beautiful piece of furniture too.

Happy Friday and Sweet Dreams Everyone!

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