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I must be the only archaeologist on the planet who isn’t a morning person. While others are wide awake, trowels in hand at well before dawn, I am likely to sleep ‘til noon without some assistance.

Bedroom furniture by Greentea DesignImage: Greentea Design

An alarm is a necessity for me. Since my clock radio died a while back, I have been relying on my iPhone but this is a less than optimal solution, since I have a tendency to either knock it off my nightstand in the morning or leave it tucked under a pillow when I go to school.

Bird alarm clockbird alarm clock reverse sideImages: YLiving

Since I hate the jarring sound of an alarm, I would love the Bird Alarm Clock from Japanese-based IDEA International, which wakes one up with birdsong. The settings buttons and digital display are hidden on the back, so it looks more like a sculpture next to the bed.

rolling alarm clockImage: Nanda Home

I often turn off my alarm and go right back to sleep; apparently designer Gauri Nanda had the same problem when she was a graduate student at MIT.  Her award-winning solution was to design Clocky, the über-cute little alarm that jumps off the table and rolls away to ensure that sleepy-heads are up and at ‘em when they should be.

Tocky the rolling alarm clock by Nanda HomeImage: Nanda Home

Not content to rest on her laurels, Nanda introduced Tocky in 2010. This version waddles away and has the added ability to record personalized wake-up messages or up to two hours of MP3s.  Both models come in super-cute colours; I just hope they don’t make me go this far in the morning to turn off my alarm:

Soil Clock Alarm ClockImage: Marieke Staps

I am always on the lookout for green products, so I love this Soil Clock by Dutch designer Marieke Staps. In a display of science that goes beyond my comprehension, a chemical reaction creates enough electricity to run the clock. You don’t even need the plants, though they certainly add to the aesthetic appeal and, as the designer points out, they remind you that the soil must be wet for the clock to work. Sadly, I’m not sure my thumb is green enough to keep this one running.

Wake'n Bacon alarm clock via Design PublicImage: Design Public

Many of the alarm clocks that I found online are actually still in the design stage. My favourite of these is the Wake n’ Bacon, which cooks up pieces of everyone’s favourite pork product when it is time to wake up. Seriously, who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning? I’m shocked that the business-savvy entrepreneurs on Shark Tank didn’t back this obvious winner.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed this Saturday for Daylight Savings Time and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

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