Favourite Spaces for Kids

Magic Tree House by Kidtropolis

Design for kids has come a long way. Moms and Dads are putting big money and time into their children’s rooms, and it seems like all the design magazines and blogs are constantly showcasing amazing bedrooms and playrooms that rival an attraction at Disneyland. Why are these spaces so special? Maybe because when designing a kid’s room there is no need to reign in our creativity. It’s the one area of the house where you can let your imagination get carried away; the wilder, more original and fun a room is the stronger the chances that a little one will love it. Here are a few of my all-time favourite kids’ spaces, beginning with the incredible tree-fort playroom pictured above.

via Whimsical World of Laura Bird

Whimsical Boy’s Room

The ferris wheel toy storage is the star attraction in this subtly circus-themed boy’s room. What a great way to add some fun to cleaning up your toys.  Loving the mix of stripes and primaries, and that platform bed/bench combo gives it some industrial edge.

Image via Apartment Therapy

A Bold Nursery

I’m a big fan of bold and bright nurseries. I’m so glad colour palettes for babies have moved beyond pastel blue and pink, and there are so many more design options for modern parents. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite aspect of this room, but the art wall and the zebra print rug are definitely top contenders.

Image via House and Home

Splish Splash

I don’t remember dedicated kid’s bathrooms being a big thing when I was growing up. However, now that I have a child of my own I can see the appeal of having a family friendly bath, where you can address issues like sink height and bath toy storage. What I especially like about this bath is that it’s both completely kid and grown-up  friendly at the same time.

Photograph by Steven Visneau via Design Mom

A Place to Play

Kids come with a lot of toys. Finding an organized spot for everything is almost impossible, so in the playroom you may as well embrace the chaos of it all. This playroom is full of colour, creativity, and a pink drum set! I can only imagine it would be oodles of fun to play in here. Oh, to be six years old again.

Via House Beautiful

Boy Den

I don’t know many teen boys who are going to consent to letting anyone besides themselves decorate their room, and I’m pretty sure they would also avoid the term “decorate”. If you do find yourself designing a room for a teenage boy, painting the walls black and framing some cool posters is a good place to start. This room has cool and relaxed figured out completely.

Pirate Ship Bedroom by Kuhl Design Build via Design Milk

Ahoy Mate!

My jaw literally dropped the first time I saw this pirate ship bedroom. Talk about being the luckiest kid in the world. On the other side of the room there is a dungeon for locking up mutinous shipmates. Some might say this is a little extreme, or question what happens when the kid grows up and doesn’t want a giant boat in their bedroom any longer? I say childhood is fleeting so why not embrace the magic while it lasts.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Amy says:

    I don’t even have kids but those rooms are so absolutely amazing I kind of want to now just so I can have that boat room in my house! Kidding, Kidding. But seriously my room never looked so cool when I was growing up.

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