Fit to be Tied

Photo by Rachel Peters via style me pretty

There is something intrinsically appealing about the texture, versatility, strength and simplicity of a length of rope. Rope as a raw material is full of possibilities; it can be woven, knotted, braided and coiled into interesting shapes, and it can also be turned into amazing pieces of furniture, lighting and jewellery. With the nautical and coastal trends still in full swing it is likely we will be seeing even more rope inspired design in the months to come.

Manilla Rope Light via Freshome

This rope light by Toronto etsy seller Atelier 688, is all kinds of wonderful. The heavy duty scale of the rope gives this piece so much substance, and the texture is incredible. I think a lighting fixture this bold would be amazing in a loft space with sky-high ceilings.

Smalltown Macrame Planter via the red thread

Smalltown’s macrame pieces are oversized and updated versions of the planters and wall hangings you may remember hanging in your parents or grandparents house. This two-tier planter is one of my favourites. It  has a hippie seventies vibe, but the synthetic cord and glass is ultra-modern.

Stretch Collection- Carnevale Studio

Jessica Carnevale’s collection of chairs use rope, bungee and latex to create geometric designs on a universal chair frame. The white chair with the diamond rope pattern is simply beautiful, but I’m really drawn to the two-toned effect of the bungee cord used on the middle chair.

Know the Ropes Necklace- Kate Spade

This golden rope necklace is the perfect accessory for the glam sailor girl (do you see what I did there? I may have just coined a whole new style.) Seriously though, this Kate Spade necklace is gorgeous, and it’s on sale!

Christian Haas

Here’s another take on a rope light. This time the rope itself is illuminated from within using energy efficient LED lights. Each one of Christian Haas’ pieces is unique; the shape is created by draping and knotting the rope.  Lit up they cast glowing ambient light, and unlit they are soft and sculptural .

Nautical Doorstep- KarensRopeWork

I was in sailing camp when I was a kid. I don’t think I ever made it past the first stage of classes, so I was never allowed on an actual boat, but I did learn to tie a few knots. It’s unlikely I’d remember how to do any of them now, and I’m sure I never came up with anything as impressive as this doorstop.

DIY Rope Pendant Lamp via Design Sponge

Lastly, the DIY savvy people at Design Sponge have come up with another great tutorial to turn a wire planter into a nautical inspired pendant lamp. The project looks pretty easy to accomplish and requires only a few supplies. One of these light fixtures would look fabulous over a dining table or hanging in an entryway.
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