Fun Holiday Decorating Ideas

Still looking to do some holiday decorating and need some ideas? Me too! Happily the interweb is awash with stunning examples and how-tos on fun and festive decor. Here are a few such finds.

Bauble Chandelier

A simple holiday bauble chandelier was easy enough for me to do, which really speaks volumes about its simplicity. I put a version up in the babe’s room to add some holiday cheer there. Check out for an easy step-by-step guide to create a beautiful reason to look up.

Bauble chandelier

This one’s probably not so simple to execute. But definite eye candy! Image courtesy of roomenvy

Over at, they showcased this beautiful table, all pulled together by the bauble chandelier (love the wrapped presents as the centerpiece).

Gifts as centerpieces

Artful way to display greeting cards

Right about now mailboxes fill with season’s greetings. In our house cards tend to clutter our already cluttered bookshelves and mantle. This makes me feel a bit lousy because many of the cards are created – or chosen- with such care and deserve to be better appreciated. This year we will do better. Pottery Barn sells this:

Frame for hanging greeting cards

Or perhaps we will try our hand at making something like this:

Greeting cards as tree ornaments

Thanks RoomRemix for the inspiration!

Holiday Crackers

Beautiful decorated holiday crackers

I remember the first time I was given one of these festive crackers at a gathering. I was 6 and it was the best thing ever: a big bang, a crown, a joke, and a charm! The kid in me urges my grown up self to include crackers at dinner parties this time of year. My only hesitation is that I’m not super keen on many of the trinkets (ahem garbage) hidden inside (at least for the versions at my price-point). So big thanks to Not Martha, and her wonderful step-by-step guide to making your very own. Total bonus to be able to fill them with personalized messages and goodies your guests will treasure! Links below are to a few suppliers of the cracker snaps you’ll need for this craft:

In Canada they’re carried at Michael’s craft stores, though I didn’t see them online.

Inspired Garland

I love bringing the outdoors in whenever possible. Lovely way to celebrate the changing seasons. So why not try a nature-inspired garland? With free reign to include anything from pinecones and juniper berries, photographs and holiday cards, vintage toys, lights and ribbon, it really is something the whole family can have fun and get creative with!

Pine cones and evergreen leaves

Photo Credit: David Eppstein

Family photos as tree ornaments

Learn how to make a photo garland at craftstylish!

Happy decorating!

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  1. Pat Millar says:

    I love the holiday bauble chandelier — very striking!

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