Garden Design Simplified

Garden Designed by Philip Nixon via design milk

Garden design is about more then choosing the right plants and a couple pieces of garden furniture. Many of today’s gardens are examples of harmony, balance and a blending of the elements.  Doing an entire landscaping overhaul can be a daunting task but here are a few ways to translate the garden of your dreams into something easily accomplished in any outdoor space.


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Dream Life: A cascading waterfall of crystal clear pools, flowers and grasses; ideal for a modern hillside home overlooking the ocean. The sound of softly trickling water can add peace and tranquility to even the most hectic urban backyard. The added benefit of adding a water feature to your garden is that it can also attract butterflies and birds.

Real life: Build a man made pond or use an existing water feature and create a mini waterfall using overturned planters and clear plastic hosing. Another option is making your own fountain like the clever folks at have done. This one would be a cinch to put together.

Zen Sanctuary

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Dream Life: A sprawling zen garden of tranquil pebbles, simply shaped plants and plenty of peaceful spots for meditation. This raked garden above is a stunning combination of natural rock and Japanese greenery.

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Real Life: Achieve the same look in a corner of your garden or even on your balcony. Use stone benches, light coloured pebbles and Japanese plants to create a private zen sanctuary. The balcony garden above is so peaceful and serene, showing what you can accomplish on a very small scale.

Secret Garden

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Dream Life: Okay, I suppose it’s time I come clean. I’ve never actually read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, but I think I did see one of the film adaptations. Nevertheless, there is something I find enchanting about the idea of stepping through a doorway to a cobblestone walkway lined with flowers and draping wisteria overhead leading to the perfect romantic bench.

via pottery barn

Real Life: Divide off a section of your garden with a simple archway and plant climbing flowers or vines around it. Add a wicker or wire bench in a shaded area and you have a semi-private place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

These are just a few approaches you can take to designing your garden, but there are plenty of fabulous examples out there in a wide variety of styles. Just remember, even the most lavish gardens can be the inspiration for your next weekend gardening project.

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