Going Rustic

Rustic Dining Bench from Greentea Design

Roughed up finishes, natural wood, and burnished metals are all the key elements of a rustic style, but even if your home is decidedly modern these pieces can be worked in seamlessly. Here are some room examples that show off the features of rustic modern design and how you can incorporate it in your home.

Image via Automatism


When trying to create a rustic modern feel in a room look for items that have lots of texture; roughed up finishes, leather, and bedding that is begging to be touched make this room rustic, simple, and inviting.

Image via Liz Marie

Kitchen via House and Home

Natural Light

Filling a room with lots of natural light is the best way to show off the beauty of unfinished wood furniture. This is why you will often see white paint on the walls and white accents in a rustic modern home. The light from a window reflects off every surface in this dining area and the choice of transparent chairs gives a feeling of openness.

Image via Home Bunch

Earthy Materials

In a rustic modern home you will often see plenty of natural materials like stone, wood and metals. In this bathroom, unfinished wood furniture and wood beams meet a divine modern tub and the resulting atmosphere is that of a calming spa-like retreat.

Image via Just the Design

A Sense of Timelessness

By paying attention to balance old and new can blend together seamlessly, creating a space that evokes a sense of timelessness.  In this room a contemporary sofa and layout is combined with eclectic textiles and an antique coffee table for a room that is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Console Table via Greentea Design

Now that you’ve seen some inspiration here is a peak at just a couple of the pieces in our new rustic collection. This console table is made of thick beams of salvaged wood; in an entryway, or in the living room, it adds rustic beauty to a space instantly.

Unfinished Buffet via Greentea Design

This unfinished buffet has tons of storage and a rustic design that will add texture to any room.

Come down to the showroom or visit us online to see more of the collection.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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2 Responses to Going Rustic

  1. Thank you for the mention. It is much appreciated coming from someone with their own sense of style. :)

  2. I love the rustic bench and table, it can be such a tricky look to pull off though, there is always the danger that it is going to look like some old wrecked junk, but here, it looks fabulous!!

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