Hammocks: How’s It Hanging?

Image via Jen Kan on Pinterest

Temperature: 36 degrees Celsius. Humidity: 66%.

It’s hot and steamy over here! Moving a muscle a tiniest bit has dire and sweaty consequences. With weather like this, I just want to spend the afternoon  lying still and doing nothing, except for loading up on icy liquids and listening to some bossa nova. It’s probably the best way to stay sane. Of course it would be awesome if I had a gorgeous hammock to languidly while the time away in.

For something that could hold a person’s entire length, a hammock is indeed a wonderful little bit of nothing — it’s basically twine and air! The word “hammock” itself comes from a word which means “fish net”. Such a strong yet lightweight engineering marvel it is.

And there’s nothing quite like lazing on a hammock. You’re hanging by a few threads, and lying on air. And as you’re suspended on it, it swings and rocks you in a gentle, lulling way that sets you off to a lovely oblivion.

There are a lot of strong, sturdy, utilitarian hammocks out there that soldiers and jungle adventurers use, but I have a thing for the pretty ones. Get a load of these dreamy hammocks!

Image from blushingapples.tumblr.com

Image via Beachcomber

I totally love the sweet, romantic vibe of these crocheted babies!

Nest Hammock by Ieva Laurina

This fringe-y hammock is designed by Latvian designer Ieva Laurina. I find this so playful and fun, and it must look positively magical when it moves!

Noah, a soft plastic hammock by D Vision. Image via Design Milk.

Wood Hammock by Adam Cornich

The 2 pieces above have veered away from the typical woven hammock, and taken a modern spin on it. But even when they’re made of plastic and wood, they both retain the airiness and swingy-ness that we love.

For those who don’t have the trees and posts from which to hang a hammock, here are some that are “self-supporting” — i.e., they come with their own stand.

The Wave Hammock, designed by Erik Nyberg & Gustav Ström

And what of this gravity-defying floating marvel? The Wave Hammock is canopy and hammock in one, and the entire structure is supported in a comparatively tiny base.

Image via Furniture Fashion

Although it’s got that sleek, modern look, this reminds me of the traditional hammocks here in the Philippines, which are really human-sized woven baskets.

Chesapeake hammock. Via Apartment Therapy.

The Hansa Hammock. Image via Houzz.

Floating bed

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