Hold It: DIY Accessories Frame

It’s How-To Wednesday!

I am not a neat person. Anyone I’ve ever worked with or lived with can tell you that. Clothing, books, bags — objects in general — tend to strew and scatter. Oh I fix things up nice and tidy every once in a blue moon, but keeping things that way is a constant struggle with myself — one which I eventually lose.

But today I made an accessories holder — a place to hang accessories that hang and dangle. It’s quite uncharacteristic of me to make something that holds and organizes things. It’s definitely the potential for fabulousness that got me on this project. And it’s big — there’s space enough for a lot of earrings and necklaces. It motivated me to gather my earrings from drawers, purses, desk trays around the house. For a while there was a tangled up pile of necklaces and beads and ID tags on my dresser, and my just having made this new and wonderful thing motivated me to start untangling them. There’s still a knotted bundle that remains, mind you, but it’s much (or maybe just a little) smaller now.

I’ve seen a blog article some time ago that gave directions on how to make it, but I can’t seem to find it — just when I decided to make it! I had to figure out most of the process on my own, and I sure made a lot of mistakes as I went along, which I did my darnedest to hide.

So here goes.

Materials needed:

  • Old (or new) frame. I used a panel from an old closet.
  • Aluminum screen, cut to the size of the frame or slightly smaller
  • A lightweight but sturdy board to use as the back, cut to the size of the frame or slightly smaller
  • Foam sheet, cut to the size of the frame or slightly smaller
  • Fabric, cut slightly larger than the board
  • Something to embellish the frame, should it be too ugly to use as is — paint, stickers, fabric. I opted for fabric since I thought it would be easier and faster than painting.
  • Something that allows you to hang the finished product, although leaning it against a wall is also an option.


  • Staple gun
  • Hot glue gun

First I had to make the frame presentable, and I did this by covering it with an iridescent fabric I found. A glue gun helped me, but only after burning my fingers and palms many, many times.

Next, I stapled the screen behind the frame.

Then put the foam on the board, then the fabric over it, folding the excess over and securing behind the board with more hot glue. Then I placed this assemblage behind the screen and stapled it to the back of the frame.

Voila! It looks awesome. But the back is awful so I’m not showing it — haha!

I screwed in some hooks and hung the thing. Yay!

The finished accessories frame

All the images in this post by Nathalie Mariano

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