Home Sweet Office

Where would you rather work — in a stuffy, impersonal cubicle at the office or in the comfort of your own house, where you are free to decorate according to your personal taste?

Photo: Greentea Design

The choice seems obvious, doesn’t it? As more and more people decide to work from home, companies are scrambling to offer environments that rival the home office in both style and amenities.

Google Pittsburgh office

Google Pittsburgh; Photo: TaskHome

Google has led the charge in the attempt to keep employees happy and productive at its offices around the world. In addition to providing free meals, access to gyms and laundry facilities, and several other onsite perks, the company has strived to create a number of whimsical office spaces in which people can work on individual or team projects.  I can only wish that my house could look as good as this loft-like meeting room at Google Pittsburgh!

Google Stockholm

Google Stockholm; Photo: Chill Out Point

When employees at Google Stockholm need to take a break, they can play games in an area that mimics a European rooftop without having to brave the elements.

Google Zurich; Photo: Ghoofie Design

For those who need a more peaceful setting to get creative, Google Zurich provides a lush indoor garden to get away from it all.

Google Zurich office

Google Zurich; Photo: The Cool Hunter

They even have a space for employees who do their best work in the tub, no water required!

Pixar Workplace

Pixar Offices; Photo: Idea Overload

Pixar has also realized that keeping its creative team happy is the key to productivity and allows its lead animators to design their own individual house-like offices, which line the corridors of the building.

Pixar Office

Pixar Office: Photo: The Dream of Pixar

Who wouldn’t want to go to work every day when one’s office is a tiki hut


Airbnb San Francisco; Photo: Airbnb via Business Insider

Everyone I know has been raving about Airbnb, a company that helps people find hip short-term accommodations around the globe. And they really practice what they preach- the meeting rooms at its San Francisco office are modelled after actual spaces listed on its site. For example, the picture above is one of the conference rooms.


Photo: Airbnb via Business Insider

And this is the New York apartment that inspired it. If I had something like this at my office, I might never leave!

Eventbrite San Francisco

Eventbrite San Francisco; Photo: California Home + Design

I would never have guessed that Eventbrite’s San Francisco headquarters are in a sprawling 27,000-square foot warehouse based on the design of its cosy and inviting workspace. Who would mind putting in a little overtime here?

What do you think of the trend towards homey office environments? Would it be enough for you to endure the commute to work or would you prefer to be a true homebody?

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