In the Showroom With Greg: Festive Display

Greg Laciak is Greentea Design’s lead designer.  When Greg’s not helping clients plan their dream kitchen he’s often in the showroom giving it that quintessential Greentea vibe.  With an unmatched eye for what’s beautiful and how it all fits together, The Design Tree is delighted to have Greg as a guest contributor.  This month in celebration of the holidays, Greg lends the showroom some festive magic.

Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese country houses (while adding in other Asian elements), I decided to celebrate the season with this whimsical showroom display.

Actual Korean floors (Marus) are used as platforms to feature our contemporary take on the traditional Hibachi. Hanging above is the much commented on Jizai hook, fish and kettle.

An antique kimchi pot holds our “Holiday Tree” The floor lamps are from Cherry Tree Design and the paper lanterns on the tree are often used at festivals in North East Asia.

I created this stunning displaying using a striking Martha Stewart color named “Weathervane” to add dimension and bring out the organic elements of the furniture. It seemed very dark at first – which is usually the case – but came out so rich and luxurious that everything truly did “pop”.

An antique Japanese Mizuya Chest teamed with Tibetan Boxes.

The overall effect is sophisticated and festive, with an ethereal feel. It proves that the Japanese style of having “a few good pieces” can work beautifully. Each item is emphasized but the eye can still easily take in the full effect. Customers often comment that this style of decor has a calming effect. And with the holidays in full gear, this and a glass of traditional plum wine is just the ticket.

The organic nature of the Chinese baskets and calligraphy scrolls are perfectly balanced with the dark richness of the wall color.

Greentea Design’s BIG Winter Sale kicks off next week and if you’re in the area, you should stop in to take in the majesty of the display and snap up some pretty amazing deals on favourite Greentea pieces.  You won’t be disappointed!

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