Jill’s Top 5 Cool Chandeliers

As someone with a chandelier fetish, narrowing this list down to 5 wasn’t easy. I may have to do a top 5 chandeliers part 2 in the near future. These are aesthetically amazing and incredibly creative in the way re-used materials have been brought back to life.

Chandelier of layered hand-crafted porcelain tiles wrapped in muslin

Image Courtesy of Design Sponge

1. Atelier Abigail Ahern’s Porcelain Chandelier - When I first saw this chandelier I literally gasped. Each individual porcelain tile is hand crafted and rolled in muslin. This is so beautifully layered and at £ 14,000 it’s worth every penny. I actually thought this was made of paper at first, and am still considering making my own “green” version.

Chandelier made with scribbled notes and poems

2. Zettel’z 5 Chandelier by Ingo Maurer - This paper mobile is made up entirely of scribbled notes and poems. The light that shines through the paper is magical and this would always change as you add your own favorite poems, photographs or love notes.

Chandelier made of plastic trash

3. Stuart Haygarth’s Tide Chandelier - What can you say about this but wow!!! It’s comprised of plastic refuse such as water bottles and sunglasses found along the Kent coastline in Britain. It measures 5 feet in diameter and is the most beautiful use of garbage I’ve ever seen.

Victorian-inspired chandelier made of bicycle chains

4. Carolina Fontoura’s Bicycle Chain Chandelier – This Mexican/Brazilian artist came up with the brilliant idea of turning bicycle chains and bicycle parts into these beautiful Victorian inspired chandeliers.

Chandelier made with recycled Bic pens

5. Volivik Lamp by En Pieza – This one is made up of recycled bic pens. It’s available in clear and orange. These are in limited run as there were only 30 made. $1000

3 Responses to Jill’s Top 5 Cool Chandeliers

  1. Mandy says:

    Love the bicycle chain one! They are all pretty amazing.

  2. Charlotte M says:

    Wow! The Zettel’z 5 chandelier is truly stunning, just full of whimsy and magic. Thanks for showcasing this gem!

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