Keeping Clutter under Control (without giving up all your stuff)

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Some people naturally gravitate towards a minimalist decor and nothing enters their home without careful consideration; everything must add to the whole and if it doesn’t it is sent packing.  I’m the opposite, I tend to gravitate towards an eclectic style of decorating where I can be surrounded by interesting objects, and this can sometimes lead to an excess of clutter.  At least a couple of times a year I will go through a major purge because part of me wants a more simplified life that’s free from excess. I’m probably not alone in wanting to reconcile these two sides, so here are a few tricks I’ve found for keeping the clutter at bay without sacrificing all your stuff.

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1. If you don’t love it, let it go

This is a big one, but it’s always easier said than done. A few good questions to ask yourself when deciding whether something deserves a prime spot in your home are: Are you keeping it for sentimental reasons, or do you really like it?  Do you notice the item and appreciate it on a regular basis? If not then you probably won’t miss it when it’s gone. Saying goodbye to things you feel lukewarm about can let your favourite belongings stand out more.

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2. Create a rotating collection

Only have on display a few things at a time, and switch things up whenever you get bored. A side table or an ottoman with internal storage is a good place to house knick-knacks until you feel the urge to change things up. Another idea would be to section off a bookcase with spots for displaying and spots for hiding.

image via Fenton & Fenton

3. Display away

I find visiting showrooms to be a good way to find ideas on how to display your belongings and create cohesion from seemingly disparate items. Sometimes all you really need is the right piece of display furniture, like the gorgeous orange chest pictured above. The Greentea showroom has a number of chests and storage pieces that are ideal for showing off your favourite collections.

image via designlovefest

4. Tell a Story

A grouping of dissimilar objects can be brought together to create a narrative. Try combining different things together on a shelf while playing with colour, texture and proportion. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations can make for a very interesting story.

Sarah Davison via design sponge

5. Breathing Room

Designating a few rooms as clutter-free zones can keep things balanced. I like my bedroom to be free from excess furniture or stuff because it helps me relax. Whether it’s a bedroom, a kitchen or a home office, it can be nice having a little quiet space.

Is tackling clutter one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or are you a natural minimalist?

Either way I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

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