Layers upon Layers

Layering up in the homeimage via Justina Blakeney

It’s no secret that interior design and fashion are often engaged in a game of mimicry with each other, and when the seasons shift you can really see the interplay between the two design worlds. Just like in fashion, where layering textiles becomes synonymous with fall and winter, the same approach can be applied indoors to add warmth and style. Today’s post features some fabulous textile goods, many of which are created by hand, that will keep you and your home toasty and warm.

Starling CushionStarling cushion by Imogen Heath

Throw cushions in a mix of prints are an easy way to add comfort and interest to a sofa or chair. Love this one from Imogen Heath. Their fabric designs are always amazing, and you can purchase fabric as well as pre-constructed home goods from their site.

Souled ObjectsSouled Objects via pretty little green

Souled Objects by Dana Barnes Studios are not so much rugs as they are textile sculptures for your floors. Their process involves each rug being hand woven out of thick roving. The results mimic natural landscapes and they invite you to interact with them through touch.

Knitted Stool

Knitted Stool view 2knitted stool by Claire Anne OBrien

Claire Anne O’Brien’s chunky knit furniture pieces have made it onto our blog before; she really is an expert at creating soft, welcoming shapes in beautiful knit. This foot stool has an interesting basketweave design, and I love the warm yellow colour.

Mohair Blanked by ToastMohair blanket from Toast

Beds, sofas and chairs will instantly be cold weather ready with a luxurious mohair blanket draped upon them. This ombre dyed blanket from Toast is the perfect remedy to cold days and nights, and the neutral colours make it extremely versatile.

Linen and Felt Textile ArtLinen and Felt Textile Art by Castle

Castle’s embroidery art is so fun and crafty that I can’t help but smile whenever I see them.  These works featuring common sayings and pop song lyrics made from colourful childlike felt letters are in high demand, so it may be tough to get your hands on one, but they also sell prints if you don’t get a chance to buy an original.

Scarf by Pidge PidgeHandwoven Scarf by pidge pidge

There are some remarkable textile artists on etsy; I’m particularly smitten with the handwoven scarves by pidge pidge. They are all made by hand in Pennsylvania and each one takes about eight hours to complete and is a one of a kind. Definitely a great fall layering piece.

A-Frame DIY Tent via A Beautiful Messa-frame tent DIY from A Beautiful Mess

Lastly, if you want to create your own fabric nest for book reading and lounging A Beautiful Mess has a helpful tutorial for creating an a-frame fabric tent using vintage fabrics and inexpensive wood. Making one of these tents is high on my to-do list for my little guy, and I’m tempted to make an oversized one for myself too.

Hope you all have a cozy weekend!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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