Moony Over Murals

The School of Athens by Raphael. Image via ArtHistoryGalore.

A mural seems like an “old school” thing to have in the home. I thought that it’s something that is more likely to be found in castles or chapels. The old masters such as Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo come to mind, and how they labored on their frescoes and tempera for months and years. And though more current artists such as Klimt, Haring, and Banksy have made their share of murals, the mural idea is still not something I’d normally associated with the contemporary living spaces.

I was so wrong!

Murals can be super cool wall treatments with lots of wow factor. They can now broadly refer to any kind of art work that somehow gets on a wall — they don’t need to be painted on! The possibilities are myriad, and with their height and breadth, potentially awe-inspiring.

Here are a few examples of murals that blew me away, and they didn’t take years, nor did they need a¬†Botticelli or a Correggio to make them.

DIY Mural. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Check out the fabulously easy DIY project from Apartment Therapy.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Sometimes, less is more. A mural doesn’t have to cover the entire wall. I love this cross-stitch inspired rose mural on the stark white wall.

Image via Murals Your Way

These days, anything can be printed out and made into wallpaper. The large Buddha illustrations and the rich textured green and orange in the mural above makes the space look exotic.

Image via Murals Your Way

Image via Artistic Homeowner

Image via Swoon Style Home

The simplest and most basic of tools, in the right hands can make truly spectacular walls. This cool graphic pattern is just drawn with a Sharpie!

Image via Digs Digs

Another DIY Sharpie project. Check out what this awesome drawer Charlie Kratz did to his basement with $10 worth of markers.

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