Passion for Plum

Front door via Maria Killam

Plum is purple’s moodier, sultrier, darker cousin and it’s a big colour trend for this fall. It’s a versatile colour that can be powerful in both masculine and feminine environments. It’s the perfect colour for adding luxury and sexiness to any space.

It’s not too often you come across a purple front door, but the effect is definitely striking. Plum is the perfect surprise colour, because you don’t see it used as frequently as other colours. Here are some rooms that take advantage of plum in all its purpley goodness and use it in unexpected ways.

Image via Sarah Kaye

Plum and white are a mod pairing that is effective because of the contrast. When choosing a shade of plum to use as a wall colour you may want to go a touch darker than you first think; the effect will be more dramatic. The shade on the baseboards in this room is a deep, rich, almost-mauve that works beautifully with the dark floors.

Dining room via Apartment Therapy

Plum that almost borders on black is a great way to add unexpected colour to a room. Sometimes colour doesn’t need to make a drastic statement and is better left understated, as is the case in this clean and modern dining room; the subtle colour in these dining chairs adds depth to the space without overwhelming it.

Bathroom via BHG

Another great pairing for a masculine use of plum is to match it with espresso coloured woods and dark browns. Nothing about this bathroom is girly, despite the use of plum on the walls, and once again we see white being used to brighten up the room to prevent the combination of dark colours from becoming too heavy.

Catalina in plum via Anthropologie

For a more girly use of plum this duvet set by Anthropologie is sexy, feminine and luxurious.  The ruffled texture of this duvet reminds me of actual plums. Soft textiles are a simple way to use plum in the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Image via Design Sponge

Plum doesn’t have to be dark and sombre, the plum walls in this mid-century inspired living room  are sophisticated, and not too intense. The Plum walls and the grey sofa are a stellar match, and we’ve already seen how well plum and natural wood shades work together, which this homeowner has used to their best advantage.

Kitchen via Style Files

This rustic kitchen uses plums and purples in clever ways.  The stained plum cupboard doors and the ornate rug really stand out in this primarily white kitchen. The key to this look is combining texture and colour so you don’t feel like you’re looking at too much of one colour.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Tiffany Bandics says:

    I finally found the right color for my front door. This is it! Gorgeous! Can you please tell me what the name of this color is?? asap!

    Thank you!

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