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Intentionally Off-Kilter Frames by Emmas Designblogg via ohdeedoh

Ever since switching to digital photography many of us just don’t have enough photographs on display. I’ve taken  oodles of pics of my son’s first two years, but less than a dozen of them have actually been printed, and finding places to frame and hang them can be tricky. That’s why I like these photo display ideas, they’re unconventional, stylish and a great incentive to turn those digital files into lasting works of art.

Ambrosia Girl

Mini Memories

Jennifer Kirk, of Ambrosia Girl has created probably my favourite craft tutorial all year, a set of mini Polaroid magnets that use your own photos. They don’t even look that difficult to make thanks to the way Jennifer has broken this project down into easy to follow steps. A set of these would also make a thoughtful gift that just about anyone would appreciate. Plus you get to feel like a giant when holding them.

via ohdeedoh

Clip It

You can find wooden clipboards at any office supply or dollar store and use them to hang 8×10 photos. The best thing about this approach is that it’s entirely non-committal. Just swap out photos whenever you feel like it. This display idea would also be a handy way to hang a child’s drawings or artwork.


Under Glass

This is an easy display idea that takes only seconds to put together. Scour your house for interestingly shaped glasses, jars, vases etc; the only requirement is that they need to be see-through. Place trimmed or sized photos so they follow the curve of the container and voila, instant photo display. This project is especially suited for creating custom party decor.

via this is glamourous

Strength in Numbers

A large grouping of photographs can have amazing impact. The trick to pulling this off is to have a lot of photos (too few and it will end up looking cluttered) and to pay attention to colour and placement. Using unconventionally sized prints would also gives this photo grid a more interesting look.

Lori Andrews via Poppytalk

Blow It Up

Extra large prints have an instant gallery appeal to them. Large format printing isn’t cheap, but it can be the ultimate way to immortalize your all-time favourite photos. I love this family photo taken by Calgary photographer Lori Andrews, such a great image that works really well in this breakfast nook.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to show off your favourite photos.  Are there any tricks you have found for displaying photos in your house? How often do you swap out photos, all the time or almost never?

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