Rock Steady

image via Apartment Therapy

Today’s post is inspired by the humble rock. Lately the design world has been in love with the geometry of nature; organic shapes are emerging all over the place in carpets, furniture, textile prints and architecture.  Here are a few lovely objects that pay homage to geology:

vault table by Daphna Laurens

The vault table above was inspired by Pyrite (aka fool’s gold) it has five small drawers where you can hide treasures or mementos. The idea for the table came to the Dutch design duo when they were examining what “things” held the most value for them; they came to the conclusion that items like photographs and letters were the most valuable because they represented loved ones and significant memories. Like “fools gold” these objects are meaningless in themselves, but are immensely valuable in the eye of the beholder.

Rhodocrosite Painting by Carly Waito

Carly Waito paints beautifully realistic portraits of various minerals and rocks. Her technique is amazing and the rocks she chooses become other worldly when enlarged on the Canvas. I highly recommend checking out her website to see more of her work.

faceted drawer pulls by PigeonToe Ceramics

These faceted drawer pulls by Pigeon Toe Ceramics have been all over the blogosphere. Pigeon Toe makes “heirlooms for the modern home” and these gorgeous pulls are cast from hand-sculpted molds and glazed in bone white. I think that a set of these pulls could be really amazing on a simple chest of drawers. I also kind of like the idea of mounting them to a board as shown in the above picture and using them as hooks as well.

quartz table lamp by Michael Studios

I love the lamps by Michael Studios that show off the natural beauty of uncut stones. Most of his designs come in a choice of colours and rock types. The purple one above is my favourite. I keep picturing this lamp in a bedroom but it could be a excellent accent in a living room as well.

Rock Fusion Tables by Arik Levy

I don’t know your opinion on these rock fusion tables by Arik Levy but they kind of remind me of something out of a Superman movie, in a good way. The metallic finish adds a lot of glamour and I really like the unconventional shape. I’d love to see how someone has included them in a room.

photograph by Carsten Peter for National Geographic

Just for fun I thought I would include the above photograph from National Geographic; I am in complete awe over this image of The Cave of Crystals in Mexico. The scale of these crystals is just mind-blowing, and the corresponding article about exploring this natural phenomenon by Neil Shea is worth a read.

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