Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

image via naturally nina

Living in a city means that I rarely get to spend time in nature. I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be surrounded by towering trees without hearing the sound of nearby traffic, and now that the leaves are starting to turn I find myself craving a long hike in the woods. To appease my desires until I can get out into the wilderness I decided to explore some arboreal design for the home, and I thought you might like to see some as well.

tree wall decals- walldecors

A tree bare of it’s leaves has a certain mystery that is instantly calming. These wall decals of tree silhouettes are fantastic on a feature wall providing instant graphic appeal. I especially like them in front of the dining room table as seen in this photo because it gives you the feeling you’re eating outdoors.

Forest One Shoulder Silk Dress from Milk from a Thistle

Here’s another example of the graphic power of trees in silhouette, this time as a print on a modern cut dress. I’m really digging the asymmetry in this piece. I think I’d like it even better with a brightly coloured pair of tights.

Birch House via Anthology Magazine

The texture of birch is amazing and I love seeing it used in furniture, but this cabin made of vertical birch logs is phenomenal. It is such a beautiful take on the traditional log cabin, and it’s interesting how closed in it is yet you can still see light coming through the gaps in the wood. I only wish I could see more of the inside.

Gran Pillows- Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day are one of my favourite design companies. Their textiles, wallpapers and prints are all fantastic and deceptively simple. The tree patterned pillows would make a great winter decor accessory.  This design also comes in wallpaper as well.

forest canopy bed- Anthropologie

I’ve been dreaming of a bed like this my whole life, and leave it to Anthropologie to tempt me with a ridiculously beautiful, ridiculously expensive iron bed frame made to resemble delicately arched tree limbs. It’s straight out of a fairytale.

Forest Scene Pumpkin- Sweet Paul

Halloween is still weeks away but I am already collecting pumpkin carving inspirations. This idea of turning a pumpkin into the housing for a woodland diorama is genius.  I don’t have any miniature deer or trees, do you think Star Wars figurines and glitter would be sufficient?

That sums up our imagined trip into the woods. Whether the forest is in your backyard or beyond the skyscrapers on the horizon, are there any outdoor things you like to do to celebrate this time of year?  Do you collect colourful leaves, take photos, or go for long walks with a cup of coffee?

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