Sitting Pretty

chair painting by Christopher Stott

At its most minimal a chair is a piece of furniture that allows one to draw a moment of comfort. A seat, a back and a base sum up its parts, but of course a chair can be so much more. Seating design encourages experimentation in materials and form, and offers an endless series of combinations that can result in an object of great beauty. Pushed too far however, and comfort can take a back seat to creative expression, but in the best cases an amazing balance is struck between form and function.  Here are few examples of chair designs that have found just such a balance.

Latica Chair by velichko velikov via designboom

The Elastic chair is the most fun you can have taking a seat. Forty colourful bands of elastic make up the inside of the chair, allowing for a little bounce or a gentle rocking motion. Veliichko Velikov created this chair to look like a daisy, and it’s also stackable.

“knitted” Eames wire chair via Re-Craft

The look of metal wire chairs is chic but not exactly inviting, especially during the winter months. This “knitting” idea is simply brilliant if you have one of these chairs in your home. Using wool roving you can weave it through your chair, instantly adding warmth and soft texture.

corner chairs anton bjorsing

Anton Bjorsing’s chairs take advantage of corner spots providing two joining seats. It’s a clever idea that is visually arresting. I love how it appears to be sneaking around the corner.

Melting Chair by Philipp Aduatz via Freshome

This chair by Philipp Auatz appears to be melting into the floor. The soft lines are seductive, and the mercury silver is half sci-fi and half glam. There’s something I really like about how this piece of furniture appears to be in the process of disappearing.

whittle chair via dornob

Karen Ryan took an ordinary solid wood chair and whittled it down to a piece of art. Part clever upcycling idea and part a meditation on mass production vs. handmade, the finished product is gorgeous.

rocker print by cheryloz

Until I can afford the Eames rocker of my dreams I can satiate my desire by bringing home this beautiful print by Etsy seller cheryloz. I may not be able to sit in it, but that’s okay because it can brighten up my walls instead.

Happy Friday everyone!

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