Small Spaces, Beautiful Spaces

dining areaimage via Design Sponge

Are you downsizing from a house to a condo, or perhaps looking to maximize space in your existing home? Small doesn’t have to mean cramped; with editing, the right furniture and a carefully planned layout you can create an organized and beautiful space with minimal square footage. Below you’ll find some ideas for making a small space into a beautiful and functional home.

ingenious live-work spaceimage via dwell

Living in a small space sometimes requires some seriously creative thinking. This Tokyo live/work space has ingeniously created two table surfaces out of one long dining table. The dividing wall between the office and meeting room is moveable so the two rooms can easily be converted into one. Brilliant.

loft living featuring greentea piecesimage via Greentea Design

Dual, and possibly even triple purpose furniture is your best option when decorating for a small space. It will provide clutter control, as well as keep things looking neat and tidy. In the suite above the step chest, coffee table and entertainment centre are beautiful looking pieces, and each offers a ton of storage.

small space kitchenKitchen by Peter Falico via Style at Home

Older homes, condos or apartments often have tiny kitchens. The galley style kitchen pictured above is small but stylish. Glass front doors keep the room from feeling closed off and the monochromatic colour palette keeps the room looking streamlined and chic, not cramped.

dramatic wallpapaer in a small powder roomimage via hgtv

Although the tendency is often to paint a small space in light colours there’s no need to shy away from making a bold statement on your walls, or anywhere else for that matter. This tiny bathroom makes a big impact thanks to the dramatic wallpaper choice.

kids' room image via house to home

Living with kids in a small space presents its own challenges, but it is possible as many parents living in big cities will tell you. The girls’ bedroom above is a stunning example of how built-ins can work wonders. Two beds, a desk and storage all on one wall leaving floor space in the centre of the room for playing.

mobile apartment extensionimage via inhabitat

When it comes down to it, do you just need a little extra space? It could be as easy as adding another room. This mobile apartment extension, called the Rucksack House, was designed by Stefan Eberstand for apartment dwellers who wanted to add to their living space.

inside the mobile apartment addition

Inside, the Rucksack house is minimalist and bright with multiple windows. With this addition you can add 97 square feet to your home. Cool right? Now for the unconquerable feat of trying to sell your condo board on the idea.

Do you struggle with coming up with design solutions for a small space, or do you have any tips or tricks you’ve found for maximizing space?  Leave a comment below and let’s get the ideas flowing.

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