Snob – A Toronto Boutique Profile

These masterpieces, the Snob Egyptian Lighting series, are handmade in Egypt so each one is slightly different from the next. Made of silver-plated copper.

If you’re attending IDS11, you don’t want to miss Snob’s booth (#1910).

Denise Zidel is the proprietor of Snob Boutique in Toronto’s east end.  Denise picks each of the handcrafted designs Snob showcases with the hand and eye of a curator.  The result is a space rich, inviting, and chock full of character.  As you travel through Snob you get a sense that each item has a story to tell, crafted by artisans from a number of African countries.

These seamless hand felted rock pillows by Ronel Jordaan from South Africa are made of 100% felt wool. Available in a range of colours and sizes; outdoor versions available too.

Denise seeks out – and Snob embodies – the soul of sustainism, the latest buzz word gaining momentum in the design world. With innovative design concepts that are sensitive to nature, created following ethically and environmentally aware principles, the end result are artistic pieces that help us feel connected to the planet and each other.

This feather headdress from Cameroon is constructed of bird feathers. Stunning on a wall or above the fireplace.

Many of Snob’s pieces, like the headdress and swirl mirror pictured, blend colour, natural forms and textures with a strong cultural voice; they play with scale and proportion to create ‘furniture as art and art as furniture’.

This Swirl Mirror is hand carved and constructed of solid African mahogany. Also available in silver, gold and lacquer.

You can visit Snob at IDS11 at booth #1910 Saturday January 29th and Sunday the 30th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Snob is located at 202F-388 Carlaw Ave, Toronto

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5 Responses to Snob – A Toronto Boutique Profile

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  2. bvba Boval says:

    can you send us your price list please

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  4. Mary Parkinson says:

    I see your beautiful items on design shows and city line could u please tell me the price and diameter of the feather head dress from Africa.what colours do you have or do they vary?

    • Midori Tanaka says:

      Hi Mary,

      We aren’t affiliated with Snob, just fans! You can contact them directly at info [at], I’m sure they’d be happy to send you specs and prices.

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