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photograph by Todd Mclellan

In his new series “disassembly” Canadian photographer Todd Mclellan takes retro technology apart so he can photograph every screw, spring and wire. The images are beautiful and frenetic, capturing the complexity of the technological objects that surround us and showing the beauty of human ingenuity.  Check out the video below that shows him at work.

Technology and design go hand-in-hand because both are about ideas and innovation. Today’s post features a collection of objects that feature both smart design and smart tech. You’ll notice many of these objects combine old and new technologies in surprising ways, proving that designers and engineers are often looking back on the past just as they are propelling us forward.

john’s phone from a+r store

Meet the world’s simplest cell phone. This friendly looking phone doesn’t text, take photos, play music, or check email; it’s designed solely for making phone calls (all some of us really need a phone to do).  Using SIM cards you can call almost anywhere in the world, and it comes with a quaint pen and notebook that stores in the back of the phone.

wooden radio at general store

This wooden radio is reminiscent of the old transistor radios. However, unlike an old-school radio, this one is mp3 compatible, but you can also get AM and FM signals. The curves in the two-tone wood are incredibly inviting, and it’s refreshing to see knobs in the place of buttons or touch screens.

Tracks Headphones by KiBiSi via designindaba

KiBiSi headphones may not be stretching the boundaries when it comes to headphone technology, but they are quite eye-catching, and are designed to ensure the perfect fit. Designer Jens Martin Skibsted was inspired by the iconic Walkman headphones, but Tracks offer a more streamlined and modernized shape.

QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk

The QCLOCKTWO is for typography enthusiasts and gadget fans. It’s a digital clock that uses text rather than numbers to display the time. This slick design comes in both a wall model and a desktop model, and comes in a variety of colours.

iVictrola designed by Matt Richmond via made-craft

The iVictrola provides acoustic sound for your iPad. How it works is you dock your tablet in the base and a Magnavox horn amplifies the sound.  Each device is unique because each one is made from an antique phonograph.


Can you guess what this gadget is? Did you guess it was a camera? More specifically, it’s a light field camera that, according to their website, captures the colour, intensity and vector direction of the rays of light. I’m not sure how it works, but what make the pictures this camera takes truly remarkable is that they can be re-focused after the picture has been taken.  Apparently, you can also switch between viewing the pictures as 2D images or 3D images.

I never thought I would develop a crush on a printer, but that day has come. The Little Printer is simply the most personable device I have come across since Apple’s iconic iMac. It lets you make a daily, personalized carbon print-out of puzzles, lists, newsfeeds etc. and can be programmed from your phone. If you want to snag one you’ll have to wait until 2012, but in the meantime you can watch it in action in the video above.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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2 Responses to Tech Beautiful

  1. Tracey says:

    That clock is beyond cool!

  2. Jasmin says:

    What is so beautiful about that wooden radio? It is nice but not amazing. Another thing is the clock. it looks gorgeous.

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