The Innovators

Great design, almost by necessity, must be innovative; whether it utilizes unexpected materials, employs new methods of creation, or showcases a fresh perspective on function and aesthetic.

Take the table lamps pictured above by the Singapore design studio d.lab. A simple rectangular shape paired with a shock of pink culminates in a multi-functional piece of furniture that is as surprising as it is beautiful.  d.lab has a straight forward philosophy that puts the medium first and the finished product second. They allow the block of wood itself to suggest what will be made out of it; whether it be a bench, a chair, a lamp or just about anything else. Experimentation is a key to their process and it shows in the extraordinary designs they create. Here are a few  other designers who certainly know a thing or two about great design and innovation.

Nesting Chairs by Kirsten White

The nesting chairs pictured above are an installation by  Kirsten White. They were created for the Capacity show at Bookhau as part of the Toronto International Design Week. White came up with the idea by drawing inspiration from Russian Matroysha dolls.  As a set these ingeniously designed chairs stack together and take up the least amount of floorspace while still being visually appealing.

Cork has been touted for its environmentally responsible cred, but it’s also naturally flexible, making it an ideal material for sculptural furniture like this elegantly curved chaise lounge by furniture designer Daniel Michalik. Michalik makes beautiful furnishings out of cork and other renewable mediums and you can find out more about him and his outstanding work here.

Metrobench installation by Stephen Shaheen found via designmilk

The Metrobench by Stephen Shaheen is a conceptually-driven sculptural piece created out of 5000 recycled Metrocards. While not actually a functional bench, with its’ great lines and hypnotic pattern I kind of wish it was. Shaheen is a talented sculptor and artist from New York City.

endless chair by Dirk van der Kooij found via Cool Hunting

The idea of 3D printing still seems like something out of science fiction to me, but the endless chair by Dirk van der Kooij is tangible proof that it is science fact. Not only is this chair beautifully designed, it is also created out of a single string of recycled materials; specifically the plastic from discarded refrigerators. To see how this chair was created I recommend viewing the following video:

Is anyone else afraid of a robot uprising? I always enjoy seeing how things are created and it seems like there are so many possibilities for this technique (or we just moved that much closer to an eventual robot uprising.)

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