The Story Behind the Maru Table

Wide Maru Dining Table

No question people make a home, as do the memories that permeate a place.  But furniture can too. For me one of the most beautiful pieces in Greentea’s collection is the Maru dining table, at once rustic and sophisticated, harmonizing beautifully with design schemes from modern to traditional.  But the Maru is more than just beautiful furniture, they tell a story.  The word “maru” in Korean means porch or floor and these tables are indeed that.

flooring in a historical building that was salvaged by Greentea DesignConstructed from century old Korean flooring, the wood is salvaged when traditional buildings are torn down or remodeled.  The reclaimed flooring is transformed into these beautiful tabletops.  Each batch comes from a different historical salvage project, the last for instance, a very old platform from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. For this reason also, no two are identical.

Greentea Design's Wide Maru Dining Table

Close up of Maru patina

The age of the wood gives the Maru table its beautiful patina, while also attesting to the strength and durability of these 3-inch thick boards of Asian Pine.  In fact, no trees are felled to create these tables: while flooring slabs are used for the tabletop, the legs are constructed from original flooring supports.

Greentea Design's Narrow Maru Dining Table

The Maru table is a true heirloom piece, not just because of the story it tells, but in the history they continue to absorb in their new family’s treasured meals, as a hide and seek spot, and a gathering place for those who make a house home.

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