The Ultimate Guest Room

(AKA how to make sure your guests outstay their welcome)

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We’ve always lived far away from family, which means we often have house guests at this time of year. While it’s always wonderful to get everyone together, in a small apartment it is no easy task trying to make everyone feel at home and making sure there are enough places to sleep.  Seeing as many of you are probably also opening your homes to family and friends in the coming months I thought I would put together a guide on how to create the ultimate guest experience with a few thoughtful touches.


Lets’ start with lighting, which can make or break a room. A table or floor lamp will cast a soft glow that will help create a relaxing and comfortable environment. If you want to add a bit more drama to your guest room you could install a chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, but for a more subtle dramatic flair fairy lights can add some twinkle at an affordable price.

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Go Lux

Go lux on the bedding and furniture in the guest room. The temptation may be to use any old sheets you have in the closet, but for a hotel-like experience break out the good stuff when company comes to stay.  After a long day of visiting there is nothing better than getting a good night’s rest.

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Take a cue from hotels

Even if you can’t offer your guests their own bathroom you can make a basket with towels and fancy soaps to add a nice touch of hospitality. I like the idea of arranging items on a tray and leaving them on the bed like in the picture above.  Adding a personal note of welcome would be a very sweet thing to do as well.

image via Parkdale Ave.

Reading Material

A great selection of books and magazines on the bedside table provide entertainment and decoration all in one. Scan your bookshelves or magazine rack and just pull out a few titles you think your guests might enjoy. Just be prepared to lend your books out if your guest only makes it to chapter five before it’s time to go.

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Sleeps one, two, three, and more

If you often have more than one guest at a time, like say the whole family coming at once, there are some tricks to give the illusion of privacy even if people will be sharing a room. I think the curtains above are a brilliant idea if you have an attic space or a long room. It kind of reminds me of sleeping cars on a train.

image via Lonny

Keep it Playful

Don’t feel like you need to keep the guest bedroom too hotel-like. Feel free to add some quirky touches, incorporate some cool design, or add a piece of furniture that you just love but just doesn’t go anywhere else. I’m just about over the whole chalkboard wall trend, but I have to admit I’m loving it in the above example.  You could draw a picture over the bed or some simple words of welcome, although this Zoolander quote is pretty awesome.

I have to admit I sometimes struggle with the whole hostess thing. Both my mother and mother-in-law are amazing at it. It all comes down to preparedness and a little bit of effort.  Do you have any tricks for making guests feel at home?

Happy Friday everyone!

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