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Laundry roomvia little green notebook

Mudrooms, laundry rooms and pantries; these are the rooms that help keep the whole household running smoothly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be as stylish as the rest of your home. Today I’ve rounded up some examples of utility rooms that maximize storage, style and function.  In a small home or apartment the utility room can do double and sometimes triple duty, so you’ll see a few rooms that serve multiple purposes, and I’ve also pinpointed a few tips and tricks that can be easily implemented in your utility space immediately.

Here we go!

laundry via the nestervia the nester

This apartment laundry room really shows how much can be accomplished with a tiny space. By painting the wall behind the washer and dryer with chalkboard paint the room is given some character. The oversized hanging shade also emphasizes the fact that lighting can bring atmosphere into even the smallest room.

Country living laundry roomvia Southern Living

Doing laundry is much more enjoyable when you can imagine you are in the French countryside while washing a few loads of clothes. This combination laundry/flower room makes the most of a laundry sink and plenty of counter space, it’s a beautiful place to put together a bouquet or fold clothes.

Mud Room via HGTVMud Room via hgtv

Wouldn’t a mudroom like this be a dream come true? Wall to wall cabinetry is a cure-all for the cluttered and messy entryway or mudroom. The bench in the centre of the room gives everyone a place to sit while pulling on boots or a place to rest bags on the way inside. For an outdoorsy family a small sink for washing up after playing outside is a definite perk.

image via mochatini

A mudroom in the entryway of your home has to be inviting as well as useful. Built in benches and a black and white colour scheme make the most of the natural light in this corner mudroom. A trick to take from this room is to create overhead storage for seasonal items like helmets, ski equipment etc.

image via mochatini

pantry via Curblyvia curbly

The pantry is technically a part of the kitchen but for many families it is multi purpose space so I have included it in my list of utility rooms. At its most basic a pantry is a place to store food, cookware and dishes, but as you can see in the stunning room above it can be so much more. In this pantry, storage and decoration are perfectly balanced, and compact work surface gives additional room for food prep.

via shelterness

I love the look of a rolling library ladder in a pantry (or anywhere else for that matter) but this antique ladder is a more accessible alternative. Creating shelves all the way up to the ceiling means maximum storage space and you can place more frequently used items on lower shelves and lesser used items on the upper shelves.

Do you have any clever tricks for making your utility room or space work more efficiently? If you do I’d love to hear them.

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