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It’s pretty much impossible to open a home magazine these days and not see the influence of vintage design. From mid-century furnishings to Victorian accents, today’s style is a synthesis of the old and the new. It can be a daunting task to make sure your vintage pieces fit in with the rest of your decor and that the effect is more high style than hand-me-down. Here are a few examples of how to bring vintage into your home.

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Sunny seventies textiles and a cast iron headboard make this bedroom cheerful and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to mix time periods and styles, done right it can lead to a well-curated overall look.

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Emily Henderson is the queen of using fabulous vintage pieces to create livable, beautiful spaces that are remarkably on trend. Furniture with great lines and eclectic vintage art work can give a room plenty of character.

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Here’s another great example of how to put together vintage elements. This gorgeous loft space is packed with vintage wonderfulness, from the beautiful chandelier to the collection of vintage artwork.

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A calm, zen-like tranquility comes over me when I am in a thrift or antique shop. I love being surrounded by old things and the way they can contain so much history. I think it all stems from my childhood where I spent countless hours in my grandmother’s antique shop, trying on old dresses and marvelling over boxes of faded photographs. I’ve turned my love of vintage into a business and here are a few of the things I’ve learned along the way:

1. If you’re thinking of purchasing an item check the overall condition of the piece. Small flaws are to be expected and can add charm, but be careful not to overlook the big stuff.  Is the cane back dining chair you’ve got your eye on going to fall apart the moment someone sits on it? Will that art deco sofa need expensive re-upholstery?

2. Ask questions. You can find out some pretty amazing things about the history of a piece by talking to the owner of an antique or vintage shop, or even someone holding a garage sale. “When was it made?” and “Where is it from?” are good questions to start with.

3. If you love it, buy it! Collecting vintage or antiques is all about timing. That perfect teak coffee table might not be there tomorrow and there is a chance you’ll never see anything quite like it again, so act fast.

There are also a number of fantastic places to find vintage antiques online including Ebay, your local craigslist, Etsy and other auction and independent dealer sites. Greentea Designs also sells antiques from Japan, Korea and China.

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