Unique Recycled Furniture

There are many designers out there pushing the envelope when it comes to choice of textile and material in their furniture designs. Here are a few cool finds from designers around the world who neither compromise the earth nor their art. While these pieces certainly mix social commentary and utility, they are also undeniably beautiful pieces that could be married into a range of contemporary interiors.

Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Couch that used to be a a tub

Image courtesy of Inhabitat.com

Based in the UK, reestore, a contemporary eco design company, takes everyday waste objects and turns them into functional furniture and accessories. Each of their pieces, like the sofa tub pictured, is as fun and cheeky as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Beauty out of Junk

Red car hood turned into a table

Image courtesy of Re-nest.com

Dallas, TX welder Joel Hester of Weld House has been reclaiming dilapidated car hoods and turning them into striking furniture like the dining table above and coffee table below. His site is worth a gander as he provides step-by-step photos on the transformation from broken down car to functional art. Oh how I want one!

DIY coffee table from a car hood

Image courtesy of instablogimages.com

The Magic of Cork

Chaise longues made of cork

These Cortiça Chaise Longues by designer Daniel Michalik of Brooklyn, NY are handmade entirely of reclaimed cork from the bottle-stopper industry. Destined for the landfill, Mr. Michalik repurposed the cork to create a stunning chair that lends those who rock in it a feeling of weightlessness. For more information on the designer’s work, check out his website. Image courtesy of Branchhome.com

Vision Correction

Chandelier made of recycled eyewearSince 2004 the U.K.’s Stuart Haygarth has gained a reputation as a brilliant designer who focuses on repurposing collections of found objects into functional and sculptural objects, most famous for his chandeliers. Hoping to give these banal objects renewed significance, this one, entitled Spectacle, is made from more than 1500 pairs of eyeglasses. The designer writes that ‘using prescriptive spectacles which were once an essential tool for seeing an interesting analogy is drawn between their old and new purposes.” For more information of this piece and Hayworth’s work, visit his website.

Close up of the eyewear

A close up of the chandelier gives you a sense of how the light is refracted between the many layers of lenses.

Unfurling a Roll of Paper

Pompom chairThis Cabbage Chair by Japan-based Nendo was created for a design show curated by fashion icon Issey Miyake. With a nod of respect to the famous curator, Nendo took on the challenge to make this chair out of the pleated paper that is produced in mass amounts during the process of making pleated fabric. This chair is ‘revealed’ as you peel away at the giant roll of paper (for creative-process images click here). That’s right: no internal structure; and entirely free from nails or screws!

More pompom seats

Beautiful coloured versions

How cool that being mindful of our ecological footprint is inspiring designers in the most intriguing and beautiful ways. Limits in material choice are freeing these designers’ creativity and ingenuity. Wow.

2 Responses to Unique Recycled Furniture

  1. jinene says:

    i absolutely love these unique chairs…they not only look amazing, they are environmentely safe and they even look like you could snuggle into them and have a nap

  2. Jacs_13 says:

    I love all of the above pieces, they’re all so creative and modern! I would model rooms around those pieces if I had them. Great Stuff! And I love that they are all recycled too very “Outside the box” !

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