Vegas Furniture Show – The Hot List

The Vegas World Market Show was big, bold and… soft?  Seems like the hard edge of this recession has made us long for some comforting shapes. There was a plethora of circles, wheels, soft edges and round shapes. Rustic is still big, sustainable is getting  bigger, and re-usable is finding a true foothold in the design world. Some things that stood out:

Textural room dividers that not only are made from sustainable products, but look like you may have bought them from a small village and hauled them home yourself

Mosaic Room Divider

Star Room Divider

Re-purposed vines are the source for these whimsical and earthy chandeliers.

Spiral Lights

Palm Lamps

Wheel Wall Art

This sexy shelf will make your cat the hippest on the block. Install it under a window for “A Perch With a View” The company also offers fantastic feeders and dwellings for both felines and canines. Major Bonus: The shipping box becomes a cardboard playground with simple instructions. You will be loved.

Curved Perch

Cardboard Playground

Oh how we bought up those river rocks in bags from The Barn to fill the bottom of glass vases. Now on steroids, these smooth and sensual tables are a great antidote to the simple square.

River Rock Coffee Tables

These Tim Burtonesque pieces are striking but are they comfortable? I indeed sat down and was enveloped by the soft textiles. I did start to have strange visions…but it was a long show so who knows.

Woven Chairs

The rustic wheel trend is finessed and given a very cool wabi sabi feel.

This inviting sofa is actually made of army tent fabric. A great look for lofts.

Pacifica Sofa

Both the industrial look and the barn board / farmhouse look is still hot. Environment offers a great line of buffets and dressers that merge both styles.

Santomer Block Dresser

Curve Dresser

We have seen clusters, but here it is done in a more striking way, using chocolate cones on the inside to give the installation more depth.

Globe Lamps

Stay tuned for more from Vegas. What at times seems like a cultural wasteland, the city shows off its design savvy in many ways.

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