Victor Klassen

The Victor Klassen Divan: Smooth lines and saucy curves make this a very inviting piece.

This stunningly creative collection was born 25 years ago in Mexico and has recently made its debut in North America. The artist’s influences – especially Gaudi – are very prevalent in all his work. Nature and the human form are revered and used abundantly to great effect.

Trapped in Wood Series doors, Male and Female (available separately)

These whimsical doors have graced hotels, spas and galleries and have drawn many reactions from surprised onlookers.

Tree Coat Racks

The popular Tree Coat Rack is available in 3 sizes.

The tedious coatrack is given new life.

The Touching Mirror

The popular “Touching Mirror” uses Klassen’s famed cutting, bending and forming techniques. A “Concave Door” is seen in the background.

A beautiful custom room divider/shelf unit

Custom projects like this display shelf are a large part of his repertoire, as clients are encouraged to let their imaginations be their guide.

Victor Klassen has also launched an exciting new feature in which you choose a piece, send  a photo of a room in your home, and they will render that piece into your specified location. Now that’s truly “shopping at home”. Try it out when viewing any product on their website!

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  1. Jacs_13 says:

    I love that mirror!

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