Whimsical Walls

Prudence by Rachel J Powell

Are you thinking ahead to spring home renovations?  Has the winter weather made you sick of staring at the same boring walls? Slapping on a coat of paint can be a quick fix but there are so many amazing wallpapers and paint techniques out there that it is by no means the only option. Lets take a look at a few inspiring examples that are varied in both style and expense.

Mod Wall via curbly

An interesting architectural detail in a small space like a bathroom can make a room more interesting. I’m sure you’ve seen similar wall treatments but this wall was created for a measly six dollars by Jason Hammond. For more details on his process you can find them here.

Morning in Manhattan from familles summer belles

I could use a stroll in central park this morning, if only it wasn’t a country away. This charming wallpaper captures New York City beautifully.  The print also comes in yellow if blue isn’t your cup of tea.

Triangles Wall Decals by Simply Grove from urbanwalls

Wall decals are a go-to solution for people who rent, or who otherwise want to jazz up their walls without committing to paint or wallpaper. The only trouble is that many of the decals available look like big stickers, which isn’t particularly sophisticated. That’s why I like these simple triangle decals designed by simply grove. They’re graphic and modern and easy to apply.

Patterned Wall by patternedpaintroller

Paint or paper? The age old dilemma for home renovators everywhere. This is a great option for someone who wants the look of wallpaper but the affordability of a can of paint. You can get a paint roller with a repeating pattern carved into it.

ConcreteWall by Tom Haga

Looking to add some industrial cool to your home, but your ordinary dry-walled walls aren’t giving you much to work with? ConcreteWall by designer Tom Haga gives you that loft-like feel with incredibly detailed wallpaper. You can even get it tagged with graffiti.

Otomi by Emily Isabella from Hygge and West

Hygge and West is my favourite place to find unique wallpapers. They partner with a number of artists and designers like Lisa Congdon, Terrence Payne, Oh Joy! and Emily Isabella who designed the folksy woodcut inspired pattern pictured above.

letter by Jocelyn Warner

When it comes to wallpaper it’s all about matching the pattern with the right space. This typographic pattern would be too busy to cover a whole room, but in a small space or on an accent wall it would be very striking.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to bring some life to your walls. Happy decorating, and happy Friday everyone!

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