Why the One Word Resolution Won’t Disappoint

It’s The Design Tree’s New Year’s Resolution Week

Rather than picking a lofty goal like losing 10 pounds, why not try choosing a word or sentiment you’d like your life to embody? Mandy’s doing it this year, choosing productivity as her word. For me, the idea is flexibility. It’s interesting to think about how an idea might manifest in your life and in your space.

Bright and airy interiors

via Desire to Inspire. For more breathtaking images of this space click on on over to them.

Kitchen with distressed furniture and vintage decor

View of the kitchen where most certainly only magic can be made with that island. Via Desire to Inspire

This beautiful home belongs to designer Marie Olsson Nylander. If flexibility is my word of the year, I’ll need to organize my space so that it functions that way too. Setting up an open concept multifunctional space where I can work, parent, and create while keeping up with the quotidian will be key.

How one word can bring about change

Home office

via Design Sponge. A lovely home office, light filled with a poster of my favourite city. Perhaps one way to exercise some flexibility this year can be to work remotely avec un croissant et cafe noisette en main?

In lieu of a long list of goals that you’re likely to lose interest in or one big one that won’t mesh once life kicks it into high gear, this one-word approach acts more as inspiration lending the transformative impact we need to create the life we’re striving for. Take my word – flexibility- and how this might impact daily living:

  • There’s the physical – making time and space for yoga practise
  • The mental – letting go of expectation, rigidity and control in the face of stressful situations is sure to bring a new sense of calm
  • Work life – working from home is tricky business. But perhaps the remote work can also happen from places more remote than the dining table or office. Central Park is wifi-fied; or la gaie Paris or Milan’s Design Week… a girl can dream!

Why this works better than standard resolutions

Cozy den

Surely lots of fun could be had rolling around in this colourful, textured space. Some yoga, some toddler playdates? via Living Etc.

New Year’s Resolutions are pretty popular. One study suggests, 44% of Americans set them. They also have an amazingly high failure rate. Rather than treating the resolution as a to-do list item to tick off, keeping a word or theme functions more as mantra, or a gentle guide open to life’s twists and turns. Rather than setting yourself up for disappointment when your resolution proves unattainable, the one word resolution allows you to interpret it in the context of what’s happening now as well as allowing it to be the overarching theme of the year.

What would your word be and why?

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