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My thoughts about wallpaper formed in childhood in various grandparents’ basements (not just my own – those of friends too).  I remember yellowed paper with baby blue velour curlicues, a creepy creepy forest scenery – surely both were en vogue at some point.  Yes I loved wallpaper too: each weekend I had a sleepover at my grandparents’ house, before we drifted off to sleep we’d give our grandfather our order for breakfast; in the morning after the grand meal he and I would leaf through an old wallpaper sample book he had and I’d choose the material he’d make my crown from.  It’d be further decorated with ribbons and stickers.  Those mornings I was sure I was in heaven.

So surprise, surprise (maybe less for you), when I discovered wallpaper could be very fashionable on walls, rather than heads.  The choice is astounding and the images, patterns and effects are remarkable.

If you’re looking to update a space and considering wall treatments, wallpaper has come along way from my basements of yore. With well known artists designing prints, to wow-factor graphics and even those that invite personalization by you and your guests, wallpaper is cool again.  Here are a few that grabbed my attention:

Texture Done Right

Tom Haga, a Norwegian photographer and designer is behind the Concrete Wall wallpaper collection available for purchase from his site. This trompe-l’oeil series is truly remarkable.  These are based on Haga’s photography of concrete and brick walls through Norway.

Carnegie Fabric’s Urban Metallic collection are created using metallic inks. These inks lend them the a subtly spectacular shimmering quality.  I love that they’re sophisticated but fun.

Just Plain Fun

Ladies and Gentleman for your focal wall, Lisa Bengtsson’s Lady of Easy Virtue.  This Swedish communications grad and illustrator has made a serious splash as a designer.  Her pretty frames wallpaper, titled “Family” can be seen in Nathalie’s post on frames from a couple weeks ago.

Riki Blanco designed The Carousel of Dreams for Tres Tintas, a Barcelona based design company.  Totally dreamy in a nursery.

Make Your Mark

“Words Spoken Quieter than Actions” by Chloe Perron is part of Rollout’s Artist Series One.   As a big endearing note leaver, I just love this.  Wouldn’t it make a great addition to a small powder room?  Like graffiti in a washroom, but invited and hopefully pleasant?

This wallpaper from Graham and Brown is so fun and inviting.  Kids can finally colour on the walls (provided they stay within in the frames of course).  Depending on how you chose to personalize it, your room could be whimsical or irreverent.

4 Responses to Wowza! Wallpaper!

  1. Irene Carefoot says:

    Great wallpaper – provides much scope for everyone’s imagination!!

  2. Danielle Smith says:

    Imagine my surprise! As a designer, I continually search for upcoming product lines. I am so
    excited about introducing the wallpaper to my varied clients. I especially love the “Words
    Spoken Quieter Than Actions”, by Chloe Perron. The invention of this paper just solved a
    huge design issue for me. As a large part of my business is dealing with teenagers’
    bedrooms, I have found that this wallpaper could help in de-cluttering the need for
    photo boards, or framing and it can be much more effective. Teenagers love to collect,
    it is essential in their space to be self-expressive. My job, time and time again, is to exhibit
    there favourite things in a manner that clarifies who they are, without compromising the
    aesthetics of a smaller space. Everything in its place, but allows them the freedom to change
    it up over time. With the use of the proper 3M tape product which will no marks, photos can
    be attached and removed at whim, making this wallpaper useable over and over.
    Thank you, thank you! Highly recommendable!

  3. Midori Tanaka says:

    Thanks for the kind comments Irene and Danielle.
    I’m loving these wallpapers that invite personalization too!

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