As Dashing as Downton

Were you as excited as I was for Downton Abbey’s season 3 premiere on Sunday? 7.9 million Americans tuned in and frankly, it’s the only thing that some of my friends can talk about.

Imege: Gregory Han

I’m really not surprised that Downton has become such a hit. In addition to the often scandalous plots, every frame is a feast for the eyes, filled with luscious Edwardian fashion and décor.

Image: Tulle & Trinkets

Image: What the Frock

Fashion blogs have exploded with posts on how to incorporate little touches from the Teens and Twenties for a retro yet forward-thinking wardrobe inspired by Lady Mary, Edith, and Sybil.

Image: The English Room

And don’t think that designers haven’t taken note of the fashionistas’ interest in vintage. Don’t believe me?

Image: My Grace

Image: Fab Sugar

Take a look at Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2012 collection. He readily admits that he is a fan of the show and both his couture gowns and menswear-inspired separates clearly reflect its influence.

Image: Haute Indoor Couture

The Abbey is also starting to influence the interior design world. While no one is recommending the over-the-top decadence of Edwardian décor, the addition of a few key pieces can be quite chic.

Image: 47 Park Avenue

I adore this Edwardian Sheraton mahogany dentist’s cabinet placed in 47 Park Avenue’s dressing room. It has the exquisite craftsmanship characteristic on the period and balances the otherwise stark modernism of the room.

Image: fanpop!

Authentic Edwardian furniture can be hard to find (and incredibly pricey).  Thankfully, furniture designers are also getting caught up in the excitement and producing knock-offs and modern interpretations.

Image: Anthropologie

I can just imagine moping like Mary in Anthropologie’s Marjorie Chair, though it would be difficult to stay sad with such a perky colour choice. There’s nothing old-fashioned about this cheerful terra cotta!

Image: Living in Color

If investment pieces aren’t in your budget, consider a trip back in time via local antique or thrift shops. Small antique perfume bottles, vases, and other trinkets will help to instill your space with a little Edwardian glamour. And don’t forget colour! Living in Color finds some Downton-appropriate hues in the Benjamin Moore Historical Colour series, while Gregory Han mimics the manor with Farrow and Ball paints.

Image: Your 4 Walls

It seems like almost every inch of Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey is filmed, is covered in Damask wallpaper. However, in less grand settings this choice can look dowdy. Unless, of course, you pick a thoroughly modern palette; then it just looks awesome.

Are you in love with Downton? Enough to embrace Edwardian in your personal style? I’d love to hear about your take on this trend.

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