Beyond the Pale

Spring is upon us, bringing with it the warmer weather, blooming flowers, and pastel hues. I have always loved the thought of pastels but have never incorporated them into my wardrobe. As a 40-something plus-sized woman, I picture these colours making me look too childish, too prissy, or too much like a fluffy marshmallow peep.

Pastel fashion Spring 2012

(Photo: Posh Pose Post)

However, this year the runways and fashion magazines are bursting with so many examples of the confectionary colours that I am emboldened to give them a try.

pastel nail polish

(Photo: A Girl Can Dream)

I’m going to start slowly, with nail polish. It is an inexpensive way to try out the different shades to determine which ones best suit my skintone. And even though I don’t think it is a colour I would chose for my wardrobe, I love the seafoam green on nails.

Mad Men inspired ASOS lemon handbag

(Photo: ASOS)

The success of AMC’s Mad Men has inspired a vintage vibe in spring fashion, which is perfectly suited to pastels. A lady-like bag is a great way to get both trends in one purchase.

bold pastel pink hair

(Photo: Kris Atomic)

I’m not this bold but I’m totally crushing on the cotton candy hair trend.  When paired with well-tailored clothes, it really is quite chic.

seafoam shoes

(Photo: Viva Luxury)

I really was surprised at how easy it is to tone down the girliness of pastels by adding a darker colour like navy or black. The pairing is perfect for the transition from winter-wear to warmer weather outfits.

pink peonies skirt

(Photo: The Pink Peonies)

Before this year, I never would have thought to mix pastels together but the combination provides a fresh take on another spring trend: colour blocking. Pairing pastels with a slightly more masculine piece, like a pinstripe shirt, provides a fun and unexpected contrast.

What to Wear

(Photo: What to Wear)

I’m certainly not going to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe but I think a few key pieces are in my future. What about you? Do you shy away from pastels or have you embraced this spring’s trend?

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