Cam Bag Happy

A camera bag doesn’t have to look like a camera bag. Image from Emera.

Up until a few months ago, I could get away with not using a camera bag. I would just sling the DSLR on my shoulder and be on my way. Flash and accoutrements could just slip inside my usually roomy tote. But then I got so inspired by reading Mandy’s post on analog photography that I dug out my old manual SLR from the depths of oblivion and started using it again. Then later on I got a couple of lomography cameras. I fell in love with film again.

But I still want the certainty and instant gratification of digital photography. I’m not giving that up. Since I want to have it both ways, I usually bring more than one cam with me. so now I need at least another shoulder and one more hand, and since that’s not going to happen, it seems that a camera bag is in order.

Having grown up with the notion that camera bags are meant to be functional rather than fashionable (i.e. black, boxy, and ugly) I was thrilled with the number of camera bags I found that challenged the status quo. They’re stylish! And they come with the requisite compartments, padding, and pockets. At last, beauty and utility merge and mingle in cam bags.

I want to find these bag designers and just give them a hug!

Emera only just has a couple of looks right now, but they’ve got retro cool going on here.

(Above) Kelly Moore Posey in muted teal.
I love this color on this bag. So darned cute!

This pocketful of sunshine is from Joe Tote.
Click on the image to go to the website and check out the other great designs.

Epiphanie is another great brand.
This bag is called Lyric, in slate blue.

Another camera bag from Epiphanie. Lola, in red.

From Etsy shop Xcessrize.

Love that paisley! From Janine King Designs.

Ketty Handbags’ Floral Pop looks very bohemian.

Acme Made the Bowler

I’ve been seeing a lot of this snazzy red bag everywhere. It’s kinda tiny — it only fits one camera and nothing much else — but it’s so adorable!

Not Camera Bags

Okay, these aren’t bags, but they’re too cute not to feature.

From Gypsy Rose Handbags Etsy shop

This one’s a camera strap with oodles of texture and sassiness. I love that little pocket with a lens cap — wish somebody had thought of that before.

This “camera futon”  looks adorable from any angle. Discovered through Spoon and Tamago.

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  2. Debbie Ellis says:

    Wow, some of these bags are gorgeous, really love them

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