DIY Accessories Holder Roundup

It’s How-To Wednesday!

Screenshot from The Style Haul on YouTube

I had such a great time working on my project for the DIY Accessories Frame post a couple of weeks ago. I see the end-product everyday and am still thrilled by how well it turned out!

But I’m not the only one with a trinket dilemma out there, and the way I solved it is not the only way to skin a cat, so to speak (how do these idioms come about?). And there are a lot of other marvelous ways to do it. So for this week I’d like to hop around the net for some fabulous and ingenious ideas for keeping earrings and baubles.

First up, this lovely necklace hanger with a charming rustic twist — it’s made from a tree branch!

Here’s another woodsy take, this time from Shelterness, and it’s just as charming. The use of the drawer knobs make it a bit more sophistication, while keeping it raw and eclectic.

Image from Shelterness

And then here’s a project from Miss Modish that uses a piece of lace fabric stretched and held in an embroidery hoop. Put them together and you’ve got a pretty holder for stud earrings that doubles as wall decor. What a cool idea!

From Miss Modish

Another lacy DIY project, but kicked up a notch. I love the all white look! It can be as simple or as ornate as you prefer, depending on the type of frame and the type of lace trim that you choose. The end result for this one is exceptionally pretty, don’t you think?

Via The White Library

Hole-y kitchen implement! Who would have thought a cheese grater could be upcycled as an earring holder? The holes do make it perfect for the job.

Image from Factory Direct Craft

And finally, check out how this rake was used as a necklace hanger!

Rake necklace hanger

Via Iris Inspired

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