Fab With Four Eyes

Black vintage eyeglasses

I’ve always liked the thought of wearing glasses. When I was younger I intentionally broke every rule about caring for my vision. I read in the dark, against the light, and in moving vehicles. I sat too close to the TV, and spent endless hours in front of my computer. But my eyes were tough. My vision stayed sharp and clear.

So I went through a phase wherein I went to untinted glasses anyway, and wore them whenever I felt like it. People would ask me about my spectacles, and find out that there was nothing wrong with my eyes. I would explain that I wore them not because I thought they made me look smart. It was because I just liked the frames. The round ones reminded me of John Lennon. The pointy, slanted ones reminded me of the ones my Mom used to wear when I was little. Eyewear presented a whole lot of stylish opportunities!

Earlier this year I had my eyes checked, and whaddayaknow, my right eye is astigmatic. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser) I realize it is not something to celebrate. But nonetheless, I had a great time picking out a frame for my prescription glasses. If I’m to be a four-eyed chick, I might as well have fun.

So I’ve chosen a frame, and ordered the lenses that go in them. I am quite happy with my specs, but the desire to look at more glasses rears up every once in a while. And after looking at a few hundred more frames, I’m beginning to think my choice may have been a tad too safe. I’m presenting here the different eyeglasses, some of which are very adventurous, that I’d consider peering through in the future.

I tend to gravitate toward the huge and the catty. I realize I may not be able to pull off wearing some of these, but it sure would be fun to try.

Orange eyeglass frames

Vintage Cat's eye glassesDark tortoiseshell glasses

Big black frames

Sunglasses by Dzimitry Samal5-dpi sunglasses by Dzimitry Samal

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