No Burying Your Head in the Sand: The Ostrich’s Gifts

For the record, according to National Geographic, ostriches don’t bury their head in the sand; it only looks that way. They bring their heads close to the ground when they sense danger, to make themselves look small—not easy to do, given that they’re the largest birds on earth.


image by Carsten Peter for National Geographic

Ostriches are such beautiful and elegant creatures and they remind me so much of models. They’ve got long necks, long legs, huge eyes framed by really long lashes, and pouty beaks. They’ve got bouncy, flamboyant feathers, and their runway walk—fierce!

These beautiful fowls, native to Africa and the Middle East, are now grown in farms all over the world for their feathers, skin, meat (their red meat is the healthy, cholesterol-free alternative to beef), and eggs. Ostriches therefore not only serve as design inspiration, but also as material and medium for myriad products to which they lend their fabulous style.

The flamboyantly feathered ostrich

image from

Wide eyes and pouty ostrich beak

from an ostrich farm near where I live.


Ostrich leather has a distinctive dotty texture which is mighty fascinating on belts, shoes and bags. Designers agree!

Belt of dotty ostrich leather

Men's Dress Ostrich Belt by

Ostrich leather shoe

The Louis Vuitton Beauty Pump in ostrich leather image from

Pretty blue ostrich leather bag

Blue Jean Ostrich Roma Satchel Bag by Victor Hugo

Hermes birkin made with ostrich leather

Aaah, the inimitable Hermes Birkin—in saffron-colored ostrich leather.


Feast your eyes on the fluffy wonder of these fine-feathered ostrich accessories.

Bag made with ostrich feathers

An ostrich feather accessory that can be worn on the arm, around the neck, head, or ankle

by LIAISON original. SWANKY LUXE 4 Way Convertible Ostrich Feather Accessory (head, neck, wrist, ankle).

Ostrich fashion accessory


Ostrich earringsEggs

Ostrich eggs have shells 1/8 of an inch thick, and have a ceramic-like quality. They are cream-colored and translucent, hard and tough. Artists have long been drawn to these eggs, and have carved them, painted them, or made them into lamps.

Carved egg lamp

from user maxquad1959

Ostrich egg lamp

Hand carved ostrich egg by joechas

Ostrich egg itemsOstrich lamps

Ostrich eggs


Painted ostrich eggs on display

Photo by sygryd fuentes.Colorful rows of painted ostrich eggs in South Africa.

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