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It’s Fashion Friday!

Minä Perhonen Tokyo Store

Last week, thanks to Seesaw Designs, I was introduced to the Japanese design label Minä Perhonen. Since then I’ve become obsessed with these beautiful clothes, textiles, accessories and even home furnishings. The Minä Perhonen label’s aesthetic is a blending of Japanese and Scandinavian design, two of my favourite design styles. Here are just a few of the beautiful things I found at their website and around the web.

a/w 2010/11 catalogue via jollygoo

t.t. garret


Minä Perhonen was created by designer Akira Minagawa and originated in Tokyo in 1995. Since then they have presented collections all over the world, becoming a highly sought after fashion label. Layering, quirky prints and soft hues are their signature design elements.

Paradis Bag at kuukukka

hairpin at couverture and the garb


The Minä Perhonen label has also designed a line of handbags and accessories that showcase their textiles and high-craft style perfectly. Their egg-shaped bags are beautiful and the leather and fabric hairpin above is equally stunning, and probably the only item in their line in my price range.


This label has even teamed up with Danish furniture designer Fritz Hansen to create a line of chairs upholstered in their amazing fabrics. Gorgeous print and modern design are married perfectly in the two chairs pictured above.

sunny rain a/w 2002

celebrate a/w 2011


Speaking of fabrics, the Minä Perhonen website has images of all their original textiles that feature loose, colourful, hand drawn and embroidered prints featuring Japanese and Scandinavian motifs. Textile design is one of those arts that is often overlooked, but there are so many artists and designers creating beautiful work in this medium. I’d love to see beautiful textile design like this get the attention it deserves.

Now I’m wishing my weekend included a trip to Tokyo so I could see all these lovely designs in person.  Hope your weekend is full of fun and beauty. See you on Monday!

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