Taking Scissors to T-Shirts

Adam Saaks in action. Image via Fashion Scriptures.

I like t-shirts — who doesn’t? They’ve got to be the most comfortable things on the planet, or at least way up there in anybody’s list. They’re so soft, so simple, so basic — and therein lies the comfort, as well as the iffiness some people (i.e., me) may have about wearing them in public. there was a time I felt they were too simple and too basic — they were originally meant to be underwear, after all. No matter what gorgeous print or designer logo may be on a t-shirt, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still just a t-shirt.

Eventually I did a turnaround as a became less snotty and more appreciative of the art and wit that came on them. Enter scissors-wielding, t-shirt-cutting rockstar-designer Adam Saaks, and my change of heart is complete. This guy is a wizard who transforms that most basic shirt into something spectacular.

He turns the shapeless to sexy, the plain to intricate, and the way he does it is a show in itself. He does his thing with just a pair of shears and his fingers, while the shirt is on the wearer. Can’t get more custom than that. He’s spontaneous, cocky, and just a little bit wild. Whew, that’s hot. I must admit though that I find most of his creations too risque for me to wear, but I still can’t help being enthralled by his process.

This and preceding images from Adam Saaks's Facebook page.

And now I look at my t-shirts with fresh eyes and try to find in them possibilities where previously there was just a whole lot of blah. I have done surgery on a couple and removed the bands at the neck, hem, and sleeves. The raw edges made them look a bit more, well, edgy, and made them even more comfortable than they are already. I have done some basic fringe-y things at the hem, and have recently ventured into more aggressive vertical slashes at the back, which lent the shirt a kind of folk-rock oomph.

Blogger morenabeachbum successfully employed some of Adam Saak’s twisty, weave-y techniques and came up with pretty great results, like this one below.

Image from Morena, Filipina, and Proud.

Here are a couple of other great takes on scissors on t-shirts.

From a discussion thread on The Fashion Spot. Shared by user Cocoly.

Found on Pinterest, originally pinned by Ashleigh Lewis.

Inspired yet? But though these works of art come from t-shirts, most of these end results can no longer technically be classified as t-shirts — they’ve reincarnated into totally different types of clothing.

Still there are others who don’t confine themselves to apparel when cutting up those t-shirts. ChocolateSushiHM on Etsy made a lovely necklace out of strips of cut up t-shirt..

Blue necklace by ChocolateShushiHM on Etsy.

Blogger ChiWei from One Dog Woof combined cut up t-shirt fabric with cool crocheting and created an awesome scarf.

Image from One Dog Woof

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