Vintage Style Swimwear for Everyone

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Do the words ‘swimsuit season’ make you want to hide behind the nearest tree? Or hibernate until winter? I know I’m probably not alone in dreading trying on bathing suits, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Vintage swimwear is completely on trend so you don’t need to bare a lot of skin to look fabulous this summer. There is a suit for almost everyone, and I’ve rounded up some options for the whole family to get you all ready for the beach.


For Women

I think I may have found the perfect bathing suit! At least perfect to me, which I realize is entirely subjective, but I love the old school glamour of the Natalie suit by Anthropologie. Totally sexy without baring everything, and even if you don’t have an hourglass figure this suit will help make it look like you do.

Bulldog Beach Shorts Orlebar Brown

For Men

Shows like Mad Men have led to a resurgence in vintage inspired menswear. A classic cut and impeccable tailoring are what define a vintage look, and these beach shorts by Orlebar Brown fit the bill, but they also sport a fun print that keeps them modern. As you can see, not very much has changed in men’s swimwear over the decades, unless you count the Speedo, which in my opinion no man can pull off unless he’s a professional swimmer.

du parielau meme

For Little Boys

For the miniature Don Draper (that’s kind of a frightening prospect, isn’t it?) there are these adorable swim shorts. Fitted with a slightly sixties/seventies colour scheme these swimming trunks are ready for summer fun.

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For Little Girls

Your little girl will look like she belongs on a beach in the French Riviera wearing this nautical inspired bathing suit. Navy and stripes are timeless and cute, and I love how they’ve paired this suit with a pair of red maryjane shoes. C’est magnifique!

Dagmar Daley

For Baby

Let’s not forget the tiniest members of the family. This baby sun suit by Dagmar Daley is perfect for showing off those pudgy baby legs and keeping little ones cool all summer. If this came in my size I think I would buy it.

This clip from a 1950’s newsreel about bathing suit styles is fun and kind of hilarious. You will probably never here the phrase “triple threat in terrycloth” again, so that already makes it worth viewing. If after watching it you have an idea what the obvious reason behind “wing dings” are I’d love to know.

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