Winter Be-wear! Stylish Scarves

Michael Kors Infinity Scarf and Extra Long Gloves

I love scarves. I’m not the biggest fan of colder weather but if there is something I definitely enjoy during the late fall and winter months, it is probably the fashion and craftiness that comes with them.

A little background on this versatile accessory – it actually has its origins in ancient Rome, and surprisingly enough, was worn during hotter months instead, to wipe of sweat from the neck and face, much like a towel. Around the world scarves have their specific cultural meanings and purposes as well.

Today scarves maintain their popularity with almost everyone, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes. I personally enjoy how a statement scarf can spice up an otherwise plain and simple clothing ensemble. Recently, there has been much more variety in patterns, materials and styles, so scarves don’t simply just go around your neck anymore (although that’s the basic premise.)

How to wear a scarf

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this video, which teaches you how to wear a scarf in not one, not four, not ten, but TWENTY-FIVE ways to wear a scarf.

25 ways to wear a scarf

The Square Scarf

This style is probably the most versatile and classic in my opinion. Before finding the two I currently rotate heavily from week to week, I never really thought much of square scarves because they reminded me of bandits in the wild west. Aside from keeping your neck warm and stylish, square scarves can also be used as headwraps, shawls, and can instantly give a plain cotton tote bag some vintage charm.

Storyteller Scarf by Madewell

I love this particular scarf from Madewell – it has all the vintage charm but in a more contemporary design. The color of the vintage maps and the typography are such a lovely combination!


The Shawl

Before I discovered the world of contemporary crafts, I always associated the word “shawl” with an accessory only worn as part of formal wear. Now it’s one of my favorite things to knit crochet–and if you make it in a softer, lighter yarn you can wear it all year round!

Damson shawl by Ysolda

This shawl is on my list of things I would like to make (but haven’t yet). It’s got a delicate pattern and lovely rounded edges instead of the usual triangle shape. Perfect for a cover-up in the summer and will give you warmth wrapped around your beck in the winter!

Damson shawl by Ysolda

The Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf, or circle scarf as it is more commonly known, took off in the last couple of years and has made a made many a fashion statement thanks to the numerous celebrities seen sporting it. These long loops come in a variety of sizes and lengths and can be worn either like a collar or almost like a thick, wooly necklace.

Image by Renee Alfonso

I made an infinity scarf for myself last year and it’s by far the warmest thing I own! I also like how the loop instantly deals with the problem of how to keep your scarf ends tidy. I made this one in a superthick yarn to make the project go fast.

Quirky Scarves

There are also a couple of very fun and interesting scarves I found that play with design ideas.

Pocketed scarf from Marc by Marc Jacobs – from Nordstrom

There is nothing that I love more than scarves and pockets on my clothing – and Marc Jacobs delivers both those things in this fun striped scarf.

from Anthropologie

This critter is a play on the mink scarves of old time glamour, knitted in a lovely chunky yarn. A fine pet for the winter!

Hatskarfenmitten, image from Fibre Space

Probably my favorite quirky find is the Hatskarfenmitten, which is exactly as it sounds – a hat, scarf, and mittens all made into one ultimate winter accessory. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to wear something like that out in the city, but it sure looks warm and comfy!

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