Fab With Four Eyes Part 2: Wooden Eyewear

Rawa bamboo sunglasses, by Kayu

People no longer wear glasses because they have to. Now they wear them because they want to. Eyewear has become less about vision. but more about self-expression and fashion.¬†New eyewear designers have¬†shaken things up by providing alternatives to frames made from the non-eco-friendly plastics, horn, and tortoiseshell — glasses with a conscience. Wooden frames are sustainable, biodegradable, and just as stylish.

Check out these fine examples. These definitely are not mindlessly mass-produced but lovingly handcrafted by passionate artisans.


Rolf glasses, handcrafted in Austria’s Tyrolean Alps, are glorious works of art, and are entirely made of wood — down to the screws and hinges!

Urban Spectacles

Chewer by Urban Spectacles

Chewer by Urban Spectacles, detail


Image from Herrlicht


Kaya works with non-profit organizations and helps fund eye surgeries for people in need, and provide Cambodian children with supplies they need for school.


Aside from helping care for the environment, Panda sunglasses also aims to have a positive social impact. It has partnered with Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance (TOMA) so that each purchase provides a free eye or medical checkup and a free pair of eyeglasses to somebody who needs it.

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