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Nigella Lawson

Screenshot of Nigella Lawson snacking away

I love watching Nigella’s cooking shows! I think she’s awesome. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Sorry, I just had to get that out. This post isn’t really about her… although she’s sort of its starting point. There’s a couple of seconds at the very end of some of her shows that show her munching away in the darkened kitchen, illuminated only by the refrigerator’s light. I totally get that — we’re big on midnight snacking in my family, and we absolutely love leftovers.

I think there are certain kinds of food that taste even better after they’ve been in the refrigerator for a bit. My scientific explanation is that some time in the fridge evaporates some of the moisture, making the flavors more intense, and with the added time to settle in, the flavors are now living comfortably and have gotten really friendly with one another.

So here are a 3 kinds of food that are better the morning after a night spent in the fridge — covered, of course.

Stews and other Saucy Dishes

Malaysian Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang. Image via Rasa Malaysia.


Chicken adobo. Image via Au Pif.

It makes for a heightened taste experience when meats have absorbed as much as they can from their sauces. Curries and stews take on amazing flavors after a night in the fridge.
In the Philippines, we have a stew called adobo, the basic recipe of which is chicken and/or pork stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaf and peppercorns. Before the advent of electricity and refrigeration, our ancestors prepared their meats in this way to preserve them — as the salt and acids in the soy sauce and vinegar serve as curing agents, and the fact that it keeps well is just as widely accepted as the conviction that it gets better with time.


Pasta a la Puttanesca

Image via A Bitchin' Kitchen


Pasta Frittata. Image via On the Move Gallery

Spending the night in the fridge may make pasta a bit dry, but oh my gosh, the yumminess that those noodles have absorbed more than make up for it, in my humble opinion. I would totally eat these dishes cold, although I’ve tried making leftover pasta puttanesca into frittata, and it’s heavenly!

Brownies and Bars


Image via East European Food

Date and Walnut Bars

Date and Walnut Bars, also called "Food for the Gods". Image via Panlasang Pinoy.

In hot climates, there’s a bigger difference between room temp and refrigerator temp. Getting the cool treatment gives certain sweets a hugely different mouth feel. Brownies, date and walnut bars (aka “Food for the Gods”), butterscotch bars — they get less cake-y and more chewy, and this for me raises their awesomeness to the stellar level.

How about you? Have you discovered some eats that get better in the fridge?

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  1. SeattleDee says:

    I’m delighted to find your link to my pasta frittata post – it put a smile on my face this morning as I nibbled on a slice of savory bread pudding with veggies (from the fridge of course).

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