Brown Bag It!

It’s Foodie Tuesday!

The Ojue lunchbox by Metaphys, a Japanese design company

If you’re looking to save some money and eat healthily, packing your lunch is a great option that will help you meet both goals.

And lunch boxes emblazoned with cartoon characters du jour, are no longer your only option.  Today there are boxes and bags in a range of materials to suit even the most sophisticated tastes.  Here are a few examples of what’s available today:

Banana Guard promises no more smushed bananas in your bag! 3 cheers for fresh fruit on the go!

Orange you glad I didn't say 'banana' - the Froot Guard also by Aberrant Designs

10 servings of fruit and veggies can be tricky to get in every day, especially when you’re on the go.  Banana Guard by Aberrant Designs makes a range of products that will keep your fruit unblemished even as it falls to the bottom of your bag.  BPA-free plastic and made in Canada, the Banana Guard’s not just for bananas, they also make Froot Guards in a range of shapes and sizes and fun colours too!  Now there are no excuses for not throwing that orange into your bag!

The Ojue offers vertical flexibility. Available for purchase at Japan Trend Shop

Modern design meets the bento box with the Ojue Lunch Box by Metaphys.  Small compartments that together form the larger box allows you to carry your lunch vertically without spills. Includes three stackable containers and a set of chopsticks.  Not hungry enough to pack the three compartments?  Not to worry – the compartments can be freely combined to suit your carrying – and appetite!

This To-Go Ware set includes 2 separate food containers that latch together; The lid doubles as a plate!

These beauties from Planet Box are made of stainless steel and can be decorated with fun magnets if your kids demand the cutesy personalization

These options by To-Go Ware (top) and Planet Box (bottom) are favourites.  Made out of high quality non-leaching stainless steel I like that they are attractive  non plastic options.  While safe plastics are available, I favour moving away from our dependence on them and this certainly fits that bill. To-Go Ware is available online at, while you can go right to Planet Box for the fun cafeteria style tray.

OrganiLuxe's 4 piece lunch set include a waterproof lunch bag, sandwich bag, snack bag and napkin

Another fun non plastic option are the new fabric lunch and sandwich bags.  These items from OrganiLuxe on Etsy are insulated and come in a range of beautiful fabrics.   Made from organic cotton – even the insulation – they are machine washable and durable to last a long time.

Designed by the best traveled design duo I've come across, pop over to for these and other fun products

Worried about the safety of your delicious lunch in the office’s shared fridge?  Perhaps the Anti-Left Lunch bags by design dynamos ‘the’ are for you.  These babies promise to make anything look unappetizing.  But that’s my biggest problem with them.  For me they might just do their job too well, I’m not sure I could overcome the picture of a moldy sandwich….

Bon Appétit!

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